Comic: “Rinse and Repeat”

AOTW rinse and repeat panel 1

ATTACK OF THE WORDS: “Rinse and Repeat” (Originally published in writeHackr Magazine, Issue #05, September 2016) I used to really hate getting spam comments on my blogs. At first, I thought that there were actual humans posting each of those, and on occasion I would let one through and reply back to it. Of course, […]

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“Goddammit Samsung” – Inerrantly Funny

samsung note 7 fire

“Goddammit Samsung” – Inerrantly Funny Comic by Chris Desatoff If this comic isn’t self-explanatory, it means you probably aren’t familiar with the new Samsung Note 7 smartphones. For the past couple weeks or so, these phones have been all over the news due to their faulty batteries that overheat and literally explode. Airlines have banned passengers […]

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Comic: “Ghostwriters”

AOTW Ghostwriters panel 1

ATTACK OF THE WORDS: “Ghostwriters” (Originally published in writeHackr Magazine issue #04 August 2016) I’ve been a fan of Stephen King since I was in junior high (or possibly even before that) and saw the movie Night Shift (based on his story in an anthology titled, “Graveyard Shift”). Back then there was also a TV […]

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Update: “The Dinkledorfs” Is Now “Jimmy Did It” (I Think)

Jimmy Akashi (Dinkledorf)

Hey, so you may have noticed that I’ve changed The Dinkledorfs comic strip to Jimmy Did It and added a new page to the site (Jimmy Did It – cast of characters). This was a long time coming. The Fapdoodles For the first two years of this comic, I really struggled with the name and just […]

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August 8th, 2016

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I Don’t Want To Die

Cartoon: pushups

I just stepped on the scale yesterday morning. It said I weigh 286 pounds – that’s 101 pounds more than I weighed when I graduated from high school! I’m only 41 years old, but if I want to live for another 40-50 years or more, then I guess I need to start losing a lot […]

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July 15th, 2016

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