Chris Desatoff, The Cartoonist


I draw a comic strip called, “ATTACK OF THE WORDS!”, which is published monthly in writeHackr Magazine. It’s a cartoon for writers, bloggers and authors that’s published in a magazine for writers, bloggers and authors.

I also draw a comic strip called, “Jimmy Did It” (formerly titled, “The Dinkledorfs”), and it is published weekly (or so) on GoComics.com in the Sherpa section. It’s your basic, family-friendly cartoon strip.  I recently submitted a batch of strips to syndication companies, so if I’m lucky Jimmy Did It will start popping up in newspapers around the country pretty soon — I’ll keep you updated!

From time to time, I also draw some random cartoon strips under the title “Inerrantly Funny”, and I publish those here on ChrisDesatoff.com. They’re generally considered “safe for work” (SFW), but that’s a constantly moving target. It seems like people get offended pretty easily nowadays, so share those at your own risk 😉

Chris Desatoff, The Freelance Writer

chris desatoff, freelance writerI’ve been writing online since 2012. In that time, I’ve ghostwritten close to 300 articles for clients and written another 300+ for my own blogs, niche sites and guest posts — some of which are still around today.

I’ve written about almost every topic under the sun, but most of my work is focused on the following:

  • sales
  • entrepreneurship
  • content marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • home-based business
  • social media marketing
  • small business management
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • personal development

If you’re looking to hire a small business blogger to create content for your site, I’ll be happy to help. My pay rate is generally in the 5-10 cents per word range, depending on the complexity of the article and subject matter. Please contact me below with the details.