off the strip comic 38

Cartoonist At Work 003

  Here’s What I Did This Week (the last 3 weeks, actually)… Comic strips drawn: 0 Comic strips published:  0 Cartooning Income Earned: $0 Cartooning Income Received: $0 Okay, so from the numbers above, it looks like I haven’t been doing anything for the past three weeks, but if you’ve been watching my Youtube videos […]

Cartoonist At Work 002

Here’s What I Did This Week… Comic strips drawn: 4 Comic strips published:  2 Income Earned: $0 Income Received: $0 Old Joke Killer Comics I decided to continue the Old Joke Killer series, so I drew up a 2nd comic strip… WriteHackr Magazine Well, I don’t know what’s up with WriteHackr. I haven’t received any […]

Old Joke Killer comic strip #001

Cartoonist At Work 001

So this week I thought I’d finally follow through and start an ongoing series of weekly blog posts documenting what I do as an aspiring cartoonist. So it’s kind of like a blog, and kind of like an income report. I wanted to do something like this for a couple years, and I started something […]

What’s Up In 2017

Hey everyone, so we’re just about three weeks into 2017. I hope things are going well for you. It’s been a while since I wrote an actual blog post, and I feel like it’s time to start getting back into that, even if it’s just a short and sweet 300 words. I feel like I […]