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So this week I thought I’d finally follow through and start an ongoing series of weekly blog posts documenting what I do as an aspiring cartoonist. So it’s kind of like a blog, and kind of like an income report. I wanted to do something like this for a couple years, and I started something on HubPages a while back, but only now I think I have the…I dunno…mental strength or whatever to keep it going.

We’ll see 😉

So here’s what I did this week…

  • Comic strips drawn: 2
  • Comic strips published: 2
  • Income Earned: $1.84
  • Income Received: $0

New Comic Strips

So this week I drew two comics: one for my Old Joke Killer series (it’s just a parody, where OJK goes around killing old jokes that have been done to death by various cartoonists) and one that was just a quick thumbnail sketch that I decided to just post as-is.

Old Joke Killer comic strip #001


thumbnail comic #000


100 Days Of Cartooning

I also came across a drawing challenge on Youtube called “100 Days of Making Comics” and decided to do it. Basically, you just try to spend at least 30 minutes a day drawing comics, and if you want to make videos/vlogs about it, then do that too. Since I’ve been telling myself for years that I need to get on Youtube regularly, I knew that I needed to do this.

So I did Days 1 and 2 over the weekend…



After a couple months of going AWOL, I finally drew and submitted another comic to WriteHackr Magazine, but I haven’t heard back yet, so no income from them for this past week. I have another idea to draw up and send to them, so I intend to do that this next week.

Product Sales

I just checked and found out that I got a couple more sales on Last I checked, I only had 2 sales ever, so sometime in the past few months I sold a couple more items. If that was you, thanks! Anyway, since I have NO IDEA when those 2 items sold…let’s just say I sold them this week!

Is that true? Maybe

Does it matter? No

Will I count it towards this week’s earnings anyway? Absolutely

Okay, so that pretty much sums up this week in cartooning. If you want to see all the comics I do throughout the week, follow me on Instagram (I’m most active on there).

Aloha, Chris

3 thoughts on “Cartoonist At Work 001

  1. Sweet. That first comic with the hotter water – that’s so me, lol. I tell husby to keep the hot water heater temp high – to nearly scalding. But I will not have it any other way. 😉
    Good luck on your challenge. I’m doing one, too. For a year. Because I’m probably slightly crazy.
    The video posts are awesome. I heard a podcast about a guy that filmed himself actually doing his drawings and he got 1 million followers of folks wanting to draw, too – but mostly just to watch.
    I forget his name…he was on the Abundant Artist podcast.
    But any ways, keep up the good work!

  2. Yup, it is a journey. I chuckled over your technology challenges, reminded me of me in Scotland. I was taking videos on my iphone, running out of room so I shared them to my husbands ipad, so I could delete off my phone. Only to find out that I couldn’t access the videos to share from the ipad once I got home from Scotland. Then I sustained the concussion 12 days later, so everything went on hold.

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