Cartoonist At Work 002

Here’s What I Did This Week…

  • Comic strips drawn: 4
  • Comic strips published:  2
  • Income Earned: $0
  • Income Received: $0

Old Joke Killer Comics

I decided to continue the Old Joke Killer series, so I drew up a 2nd comic strip…

Old Joke Killer comic strip #001

WriteHackr Magazine

Well, I don’t know what’s up with WriteHackr.

I haven’t received any response from my last couple emails, when in the past the editor usually responded within 2-3 days. Then I browsed their social media accounts, and they haven’t posted anything in months. So this doesn’t look too good. I’m hoping it’s just a temporary slump that their team will be able to pull out of, because it seemed like a pretty good product. At least, I enjoyed reading it. So we’ll see.

Plus, it was my only consistent, monthly source of earnings from my art. So that sucks for me (and the other folks who made money from their work on WriteHackr). But on the other hand, it’s one more reason to push me out of my comfort zone to look for more ways to monetize my shit and build up my monthly baseline of earnings.

I drew and submitted two new comics for them this month. I’ll give it another week and one more contact attempt before I start pitching those comics elsewhere or start publishing them on my own platforms.


I did touch up a small piece I did for a client last year, but no new work for clients this week. I’m not actively pushing for freelance work right now though, so this is one area I might start working on to get some more income. It’s probably going to be the fastest way to grow my art income without spending money on supplies and booth fees – to a point – so this might be where I have to start focusing more. We’ll see.

100 Days Of Cartooning

This past week was Days 3-9 of my “100 Days Of Cartooning” challenge on Youtube. I was feeling run down for a few days and ended up missing Days 6 and 9, but other than that I’ve been doing good on it, posting a new video every day on Youtube.

Here are the videos I put out this week…


Product Sales

Nothing new to report here.

As much as I love passive income streams like Zazzle, Amazon and AdSense, it just takes a really long time to build up the traffic levels to make them significant. So since I need…you know…MONEY…NOW…I figure I need to work more on active income right now, so that means more time on freelancing and maybe even tabling at comic cons and other events.

There’s a Mini-Con at Henderson Libraries (Green Valley) this Saturday, but I heard about it too late to sign up for their Artists Alley. That’s just my fault though. I need to be more proactive and find out when these events are coming up so that I can get in before the slots fill up.

Comic Art Display At Tiabi Coffee & Waffle Bar

Through one of the Facebook groups I’m in, I found out that a coffee shop here in Vegas is displaying art from local comic artists, so I’m putting together some new comics to submit to them. I’ll need to get 6-10 new strips drawn up by Wednesday, so that’s what I’ll be working on this week. If mine get submitted and accepted in time, I’ll go down and take some pics to show you guys in a blog post sometime next month. If you happen to live in Vegas, come check them out HERE

Here’s one of the comics I drew this past week. I might redo it on 11”x 17” paper to include in the Tiabi submission.

comic: hustle and grind

Guest Comics

Also this week, I drew a guest comic for Cat And Cat Comic. I’m not sure when it’ll be posted on their Instagram and/or other accounts, but I’ll link to it when it goes live.


My Strategy Going Forward

Well, I guess I need to keep doing what I’m already doing (comic strips and daily vlogs), but on top of that I also need to work on getting more freelance clients and on building up an inventory of physical products (prints, zines, stickers, etc) to sell at events in and around Las Vegas.

More on this in next week’s blog post (I hope)…

Okay, so that pretty much sums up this week in cartooning. If you want to see all the comics I do throughout the week, follow me on Instagram (I’m most active on there).

What The Heck Happened???

This blog post is probably being published a week behind schedule, due to my web hosting getting temporarily shut down for late payment. So…yeah. That’s what happened there, in case you were wondering. But it’s all good now.

See you back here in the next post (week 3) – if not sooner on Youtube!


2 thoughts on “Cartoonist At Work 002

  1. Your comics are just so awesome. 🙂
    Okay, Ima go out on a bit of a limb here: do you listen to the Smart Passive Income blog? Okay, so I’ll admit that for the past year, I’ve had Pat Flynn playing through the speakers of my car on my commute to and from work listening to his podcasts.
    I have learned INCREDIBLE amounts of knowledge about having an internet business: it’s a huge education in internet marketing from the perspective of a down-to-earth guy who gives away so many resources to help folks. It’s changed the way I blog. He creates a whole trifecta: podcast, video channel and blog to grow his audience and does free ebooks – but then people give back. Then he’s able to charge for other books.
    I dunno…you might get an idea of how best to market your stuff and get it spread far and wide. Of course, I’m only sharing something that worked for me (well, relatively speaking, haha…I’ve got myself a new blog after giving up on the other one). You should always choose your own path. 🙂 He did interview a woman who makes a 6-figure income from knitting. Yeah, you read that right. Who the hell makes an income from knitting? The girl he interviewed.
    In any case, I promise these have HUGE potential. Never give up, okay? Your work is frickin’ awesome!!

    1. KNITTING! So that’s the secret! 😉

      Yeah, Pat seems like an awesome guy, but I honestly just never got into his stuff. I think I prefer reading blog posts as opposed to listening to interviews. I dunno. I’m just weird like that. Same with Tim Ferriss. Like, I could read Tim’s blog all day, but when he interviews people for his podcast, I’m like MEH.

      So does Pat still just do podcast interviews, or is he doing regular posts and stuff again? Maybe I should go see what he’s up to these days.

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