Cartoonist At Work 003


Here’s What I Did This Week (the last 3 weeks, actually)…

  • Comic strips drawn: 0
  • Comic strips published:  0
  • Cartooning Income Earned: $0
  • Cartooning Income Received: $0

Okay, so from the numbers above, it looks like I haven’t been doing anything for the past three weeks, but if you’ve been watching my Youtube videos (you HAVE been watching, right? 😉 ), then you already know that I’ve been pretty busy working on my mini comic and making [almost] daily vlogs about it.

So yeah, I’ve been fairly productive, but it’s just not going to show up in the numbers until I have the product finished and can start selling it online or at comic cons or whatever.

Off The Strip Comic

Jimmy Did It (aka The Dinkledorfs) has been retitled as “Off The Strip” and I will be relaunching it this summer. For now, I’ve retitled all the old strips (37 of them) and am compiling them into a mini comic book.

I’ve also drawn up six new Off The Strip comics, which will also be included in the mini comic.

The new strip is being done in full color, with all new comics starting June 1st. It will likely be a Monday-Wednesday-Friday for the summer and most or all of the rest of 2017. If all goes well, I hope to make it a daily comic strip in 2018.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the new Off The Strip comics…

off the strip comic 38

Tiabi Coffee Shop Art Display

Okay, well in the last post I mentioned that I was submitting six new comic strips to go on display at Tiabi’s here in Las Vegas. Well, they didn’t get selected to be included with the other comic art that went up on the wall.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

I won’t be making any new ones to try for May, because I just don’t really have time this month – cuz I’m working on the mini comic!

My New Mini Comic: Off The Strip

For the past three weeks, I’ve been primarily just working on my mini comic, trying to get it ready ASAP.

So far, I’ve finished retouching 42 out of the 43 comic strips that will go into it. Tonight I’ll finish that last strip, and then I need to do the ad pages for the new CatBlogger comic strip and the launch/re-launch of Off The Strip (formerly The Fopdoodles aka The Dinkledorfs aka Jimmy Did It).

Then I need to draw/design the front and back covers and write up an introduction. I also want to include maybe 4 pages or so of product ads from my online store…probably the “I heart editerz” tshirt design that Cassie wears in Off The Strip along with that same design on a few other products.

Last, I’ll need to print them all out at UPS store or wherever (resized to fit a 5.5” x 8.5” page) and then cut those out and tape them onto a master copy that I’ll use to photocopy page by page at home.

And that should do it.

So I’m going to try to get all of that done in the next seven days.

Free Comic Book Day: Celestial Comics In Summerlin, Las Vegas

I mentioned it in the videos, but I don’t think I officially announced it here on the blog: I have reserved a table at Celestial Comics for Free Comic Book Day on May 6, 2017. I’ll be doing free sketches (caricatures and stuff like that, but no fan art of trademarked characters). I will also have my mini comic available for sale along with some stickers. I have no idea what stickers I’ll be making…maybe some “i heart editerz” and some cartoon cats or something. I don’t even know at this point. The mini comic comes first, and then I hope to bang out some stickers in time for the event.

So, in case you don’t know, Free Comic Book Day is an annual event in which hundreds of comic book stores around the country will have dozens of different special edition comic books that they’re giving out for free, and most comic shops will also have local artists sketching and selling their own products too.

100 Days of Cartooning Daily Vlogs On Youtube

Since I haven’t done a blog post in like three weeks, guess what that means?

That’s right.

I’m about to give you a CRAP TON of videos to catch up on 🙂

Here they are…


Day 11 – Feline Fun


Day 12 – Old Rockers


Day 13 – So Many Comics


Day 14 – Rest


Day 15 – Getting Ready For My 1st Comic Con


Day 16 – Mini Comic Con Fail


Day 17 – Rebound


Day 21 – Getting Out There


Day 22 – Grinding


Day 26 – Get The Stuff


2 thoughts on “Cartoonist At Work 003

  1. Fantastic! All these are just great! I’ve seen a bunch of the videos from FB.
    Second, keep it up!
    Third, I have an idea. I was listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast a few days ago and one listener asked, “well what do I actually charge for and what should I give away on my website?”
    Pat’s response: he gives everything away, but when people want more, or more than he can offer through his standard post/podcast/youtube video, he charges for that. So…if he shares thirty different posts about email marketing, he’ll compile it into a book and then you can get it on Amazon, all tidy and ready to go – so, effectively, you’re paying for the convenience. What does this have to do with comics?
    See…the way I see it is that you can keep building fans and then, make books from them. 🙂 Your fans will pay for books or comic-drawing lessons.
    And well…just sharing…I’m all hyped on the SPI podcast because I listen to it frequently on my commute (an hour and 10 minutes round-trip). And, well…great minds, right?
    I remember you said something about having your art available on Zazzle. I *swear* I had this huge intention to “put thousands of products on Zazzle” <– That attitude lasted until about number 453. At some point after that, I lost all my mojo and effectively never posted there again. LOL.
    But, never doubt you're going places. Never doubt that your work isn't fabulous. Keep going. You're *awesome* and the drawings really are so good – from one artist to another. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!

      Pat really knows his stuff, and I like how he bundles his content up and repurposes it into ebooks and such. I learned something similar from Patrick Meninga’s old blog, where he would write an ebook and publish each chapter as a mega blog post for free. And then he’d put them all together as ebooks.

      Anyway, I’m actually working on doing that very same thing that Pat Flynn does — compiling all my Off The Strip comics (aka Dinkledorfs aka Jimmy Did It) into a mini comic book that I’ll be offering for sale on the blog as well as at local events.

      I’m a little bit stuck on it right now. Kind of a mental roadblock due to bullshit going on in my personal life (my stomach is churning and burning right now just thinking about it). But I should have it up for sale in my store in the next week or so.

      I hope.

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