Chorizo: Because Regular Sausage Just Ain’t Greasy Enough

I know some folks LOVE chorizo. Maybe I had a bad experience with it when I was a kid? I dunno. I get heartburn just looking at the stuff. Whenever I see chorizo, I just want to grab a whole roll of paper towels and wipe the crap out of it.

I think chorizo is really just a container for storing grease and salt.

Chorizo cartoon

I’d rather eat Spam haha! (Okay, now you KNOW I am cuckoo). But I am serious. I just don’t like chorizo.

My dad has always liked it, and there have been a few times over the years when I decided to give it another shot. I’d see it and go, “Ohh…chorizo…maybe I should try it! I might love it this time!”

But without fail, I always regretted it and just wished I had eaten my standard Portuguese sausage or whatever else is available.

Never agai–

Oh wait…looks like McDonald’s has a chorizo and egg breakfast burrito.


4 thoughts on “Chorizo: Because Regular Sausage Just Ain’t Greasy Enough

  1. Chris, I have never heard of chorizo so I obviously have never tried it. Doesn’t sound like something I would like to try either after reading your description. As far as McDonalds, I would recommend your taking a bite of someone else’s burrito to give it a trial run before investing in your own…which may end up in the garbage!

    1. Hey Karen,

      Hm. I like that idea of stealing a bite from someone else’s burrito. I hope they don’t turn around and shoot me, though. Vegas people are a little psycho.


      You probably meant taking a bite from someone I know.

      That makes more sense lol

      PS – Chorizo is popular down in the southern states. It’s a Mexican sausage, I think.

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