Hawaii Art: Mango Tree #1


hawaii art Mango Tree by Chris Desatoff

12″ x 12″

permanent ink on canvas

black and white line art, hawaii art, hawaii surf art, hawaii folk art, cartoon art

2 thoughts on “Hawaii Art: Mango Tree #1

    1. Hi, thanks Karen. Gosh, it must have taken me…I dunno…probably 7-9 hours or so? I’m not sure, I wasn’t counting. I did some yesterday and then finished it up today.

      I’m thinking about how to do these on Zazzle. Their canvas prints are not cheap. I could probably get them a lot cheaper if I print them myself through Walmart or something like that. But then, Zazzle also handles all the customer service, credit card charges, shipping, returns, etc. So maybe it’s worth it to give them a larger cut and go that route.

      I might put them on tshirts and canvas bags too. Still looking into it.

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