How To Play Call Of Duty

Inerrantly Funny: “How To Play Call Of Duty”

Inerrantly Funny: How To Play Call Of Duty

This is why I’m not allowed to play video games anymore.

(Another older comic from a couple years ago, but I’d say it’s still relevant, evergreen content haha.)


2 thoughts on “How To Play Call Of Duty

  1. I seriously love your comics! In fact, other than the worn-out Peanuts and Ziggy, yours are what I read. Seriously! You’re the next Calvin & Hobbs – those don’t come out anymore but I do have a book collection.
    Speaking of book collections! OMG – that’s an idea!!
    And, I ran across this: I’m sure you’ve seen it or something like it. But, thought I’d share. 🙂

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