Jimmy Did It – Cast of Characters


Jimmy Akashi (Dinkledorf)



My name’s Jimmy Dinkledorf. I’m 10 years old, and this year I’m starting 5th grade.

I grew up in California with my mom, Amy. Last year she met my new dad (Fred Dinkledorf), and they got married a few months ago. I liked him right away too, so I think it’s cool that Mom let me call him “Dad” and change my last name so it matches her new name too. But then they told us we had to move to Las Vegas this summer for Mom’s new job, and I didn’t like that. My new sister — Cassie — didn’t like it either.

I thought I’d miss California, but Las Vegas is pretty cool, and there’s all kinds of good food to eat out here.

School is boring, so I don’t want to talk about that. But I like movies and video games and other fun stuff. I like playing some sports too, but not here in Las Vegas. It’s too hot, so I mostly watch videos and play games online with my friends in California.

Amy Dinkledorf


This is my mom, Amy Dinkledorf. She’s 27.

She grew up in California, like me, and she’s the manager of a health club – that’s kinda why we moved here. She’s pretty serious about doing her job, being a mom, shopping and just about everything else.

I don’t really know what she does for fun (other than shopping). It seems like she’s always working or cleaning up something.

Fred Dinkledorf


This is my dad, Fred Dinkledorf. I mean, he’s my new dad. I don’t know who my real dad is. Mom never tells me anything about my real dad, except that he was “just some jerk from Bakersfield.”

Anyway, I like my new dad because he likes the same things as me: video games, comic books, cartoons, pizza, chimichangas and root beer.

He doesn’t have a regular job like my mom does, and sometimes I hear them fighting about that. He does some kind of jobs on the Internet and stuff, but I don’t really know what he does. He stays home a lot for a 35 year old man.

He lived in California for a long time, but I forget where he grew up. His dad was in the Marines.

Fred was married before, but he doesn’t talk about his old wife (her name’s Maria). I met her once, when she visited my sister from New York. She seemed nice.

Cassie Dinkledorf


And this is my new sister, Cassie Dinkledorf. She’s 12 and Fred is her real dad. She’s starting junior high this year.

She mostly just stays in her room, and that’s fine with me, because whenever she comes out she’s grouchy and mean. I never hear her laugh, except when she’s on her phone talking with her friends. And sometimes she cries for no reason.

She’s a blogger, and she loves reading books. Cassie also says she’s writing a novel, but all I ever see her doing is taking pictures of her laptop and coffee and stuff, which is so dumb because she doesn’t even like coffee.

I do not understand girls.

Okay, so that’s my family.

See ya.

Oh yeah, we had a 3-legged cat when we moved here, but he ran away the first week and we haven’t seen him. So that sucks.

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