Pen and Ink Sketches: Hawaii Beach Sunset and Desert Island Beach House

Hi everyone,

So lately I haven’t had much time for any full-blown art projects, as we are still transitioning from Hawaii to our new home here in Las Vegas.  But I did settle down for a couple days this past week and splurge on some new art supplies:  a “real” sketchbook and some Copic markers and Sharpie pens.  So I tested them out and did some fun little thumbnail sketches/drawings that I will later develop into full-size canvas art and post for sale here on the site.

The first one was a standard sunset on the beach scene, complete with coconut trees (of course!) and some waves off in the distance…

hawaii surf art: sunset on the beach
Coconut Beach at Sunset, sketch by Chris Desatoff

The next one I did a few days later is a cute little beach house on a desert island with several coconut trees and tropical plants with waves and clouds in the background…reminds me of something out of the old tv show Gilligan’s Island.  I had fun doing this one and really enjoyed how it turned out, so I think I may end up doing a series of these with several different styles of beach houses, maybe a little canoe or dock or something…I dunno yet.  We’ll see.  I posted 4 different stages of this one as a work in progress on Instagram, so if you’d like to see it from beginning to final version, you can check that out on my Instagram page and also follow me there…

hawaii surf art: beach house on desert island
I Want To Live Here, beach house sketch by Chris Desatoff


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8 thoughts on “Pen and Ink Sketches: Hawaii Beach Sunset and Desert Island Beach House

  1. Wow Chris, you are SO talented. I love the second one. Do you think you will branch out to dessert pictures too at some point now that you live in the dessert?

    1. Hi Karen. Thank you!

      Yes, I do plan on doing desert landscapes pretty soon. It is so beautiful out here. Obviously not tropical and green…but it’s a different kind of beautiful. I can’t help but want to draw it all haha. I might eventually do drawings of the strip too.

  2. Love those coconut trees! They have so much character to them. Almost like they have a story to tell.How’s the Zazzle store going?

    1. Hi Gil, thank you.

      I haven’t done much of anything online for the past several weeks. We moved to Vegas and got a condo, and now we have boxes and boxes left to unpack. And furniture to assemble. So I haven’t had a chance to do much, unfortunately. But we’re making progress. There’s now space to actually sit down in the living room haha. And I made room in the bedroom to put in my desk…just have to assemble it. So hopefully I’ll be getting back to writing and drawing very soon.

      How’s your summer going?

      1. Hey Chris. Summer is going well, how’s yours?

        It’s hot here in Texas. Been around the 100 degree mark, but I bet it’s hotter where you’re at! How is Las Vegas, other than the heat?

        1. We actually thought we’d be sinking into depression by now, but no…we really love it here in Vegas and haven’t even missed Hawaii too much. Of course we miss our family there — and we miss living in paradise when we think about it — but we’ve been so busy here with so many new and interesting things to do (and eat) that we haven’t even had to deal with feeling homesick at all.

    1. Wuuut? That’s cool. We’re like THIS CLOSE now haha 😉 We’ll have to meet up sometime. But not in the summer. My car will melt if I try to drive from Vegas to Phoenix in the summer.

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