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Your blog is an amazing, time-efficient and cost-effective marketing tool. It can literally attract leads and even make sales for you while you sleep. But it can’t grow your business on autopilot if it’s not being updated regularly. Studies have shown that blogs that publish new content 4 or more times per week get 3-4x more traffic than blogs that are less active. So if you’re only posting once a week — or once a month — then you are seriously limiting your sales and profitability.

But we can fix that together.

I write blog posts for motivational speakers, life coaches, business consultants and self-help book authors.

Whether you’re an established professional speaker who is too busy to write daily blog posts, or you’re a newcomer looking to rapidly expand your web presence with blog posts and guest posts, I can help you maintain a consistent publishing schedule and use content marketing to attract qualified leads for your coaching business.

I can also create microblog posts for your social media accounts to further engage your followers on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram (yes, you need to be on Instagram).

Option 1: Ghostwriting Services

I can keep your blog and social accounts chugging along with valuable posts that share your ideas while bringing in traffic and leads on autopilot. I’ll study your material to ensure that the blog posts I create for you are consistent with your message and your voice.

You own the content, free and clear, and my name will never be associated with it in any way. It’ll be our little secret shhhh 😉

Option 2: Collaborative Blog Content

While ghostwriting is becoming increasingly popular in the motivational speaking and publishing world, many clients still find that putting their name on someone else’s words just doesn’t feel authentic for them. Still, they don’t want to dilute their brand or promo power by sharing bylines and links with freelance writers.

So how do you maintain your personal standard of integrity while still achieving top billing? The middle ground — featuring collaborative bylines — is a bit of a compromise, but it’s not likely to dull your shine.

I can slip a secondary, mini-byline in at the end of a blog post to give credit to myself as a co-contributor without drawing attention away from your name or your brand — like this…

(Chris Desatoff also contributed to this article.)

When the post is published on your blog or as a guest post on another blog, you will be listed as the contributor right below the title of the article, according to the website’s publishing format. Then you’ll also receive the main byline at the bottom of the post in the author box, with a link to your website, your latest book or to some other landing page.

But my collaborative byline will quietly go in at the end of the post — without a link — as part of the article text rather than in a separate contributor’s byline box like yours.

That’s it.

It’s subtle, yet it gives you greater transparency without weakening your outreach — just in case ghostwriting doesn’t sit well with you.

So what do you think?

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