The Dinkledorfs #001

Last year I started a cartoon strip and was posting it on a blog.  I don’t actually remember the name I chose for it.  It was something stupid, something similar to The Dinkledorfs.  But I forget what it was, so now I’m renaming it as The Dinkledorfs.

How did I choose Dinkledorf?  Well, my last name (Desatoff) has been butchered so many times by junk mail marketers, phone reps, teachers, and even by some sales lady at Sears who paged us on the intercom with the most mutilated version of Desatoff that I’ve ever heard.

So that was my inspiration.

Anyways, that old cartoon blog no longer exists, so I’m going to post them here.


cartoon: The Dinkledorfs #001

The Dinkledorfs #001 — cartoon by chris desatoff

tags:  cartoons, comic strips, gamers, grown ass men who play video games when they should be doing chores

NOTE:  I remember now; it was The Fopdoodles or Fapdoodles…something like that.  I hated that name anyway.  Dinkledorfs is like…SO MUCH BETTER. 😉

2 thoughts on “The Dinkledorfs #001

    1. Hey, soaking is totally legit.

      So is stacking.

      Sometimes, I’ll just reorganize the dirty dishes that are scattered all over the counter and sink into nice little stacks, so that way there is more available counter space.

      I’m so lazy haha.

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