The Dinkledorfs #002

The Dinkledorfs #002

Cartoon by Chris Desatoff

cartoon strip: The Dinkledorfs #002

I used to love working out at the gym.

For the first several years after high school, I was all into bodybuilding, and one of the cardinal rules of gaining muscle is that you need to follow up with some simple carbs and protein right after your weight training, to maximize your muscle and strength gains.  Even if weight loss is your goal, you should still take advantage of that post-workout carb window (about 45 minutes after finishing your workout) to speed recovery before your next workout.

At least, that’s how it works in theory.

But not for me.

Despite my best efforts over the past several years, I didn’t seem to lose very much weight.

Perhaps because my gym had a McDonalds right next door?


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4 thoughts on “The Dinkledorfs #002

  1. You are such a talented cartoonist. How long does it take you to draw something like that? Have you brainstormed how to make money with your cartoons? I would think Zazzle would be one place to start…cards, bumper stickers, mugs, mousepads, etc.

  2. Thanks Karen!

    Once I have a clear idea come to me, I can bang out a completed strip in 2-5 hours, depending on the detail and difficulty. If it’s something simple or something that I’ve already drawn before in some form or other, then I can do it pretty quick. Like, my pushups one from the other week was so simple that it only took me probably one hour total. But some of them can take up half of my day lol.

    And sometimes I struggle to come up with ideas too. But I find that when I’m working on cartooning consistently (i.e. drawing every day), the ideas start flowing pretty easily. Once I stop, though, my creativity grinds to a halt and takes me a few days to get it jumpstarted again.

    The cartoons I’m posting now were done last year, and I still have several more from my old cartoon blog to post on here. But by June, I’m going to be all out, so I need to get back into it soon and come up with some new material.

    As for the money, it’s getting much harder these days for newspaper-style cartoonists to make a living with their comic strips. It’s almost like trying to be a rock star. But you never know. I could get a lucky break, but I’m not counting on that. So I’m still trying to figure out how to make this work.

    I will definitely offer some kind of product before too long. Perhaps mugs and shirts via Zazzle, or maybe a collection of cartoons in paper book format. Actually, I definitely want to do a book of my cartoons at some point. But I may just start out with Zazzle while I build up a body of work. I might try some kind of cartooning service too. I’m looking at different models for that. And I may do commissions (custom cartoons for clients). Plus, there’s the canvas wall art (ink drawings and acrylic paintings). I want to do a lot more of those once we get settled into the new house.

  3. Hey Chris,

    It’s funny that Karen mentioned Zazzle, because I was thinking the same exact thing. And she’s right, your cartoons are amazing. I could totally picture them in a newspaper, or some type of publication.

    I just signed up as a Zazzle affiliate because I have a website about wiener dogs and was looking for some dachshund products to put on.

    I bet if you hit small niches in Zazzle, you would get some sales. Like dog breeds. There’s a lot of dog breeds that people (like me) are fanatical about. Dachshunds, chihuahuas, Italian greyhounds, yorkies, etc. Don’t forget about cats, too.

    1. Hi Gil, thank you for the compliment!

      Hmm, I think you’re absolutely right about hammering into a little niche with Zazzle products. As soon as you said it, I thought, “Duh, Chris. That’s exactly what you should’ve been doing all this time.”

      Thank you, Gil (and Karen haha). You guys are totally right. I need to do this asap.

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