The Dinkledorfs #003

My 13 year old wants to be a professional video game player and Youtuber when he grows up (or sooner), and so he always wants me to watch him do trick shots on one of his Call of Duty games.

It’s pretty complicated stuff.

So the combo I mention in this comic strip would be like this:  with his sniper rifle in hand, he jumps off a rooftop, lands halfway down a fire escape ladder, then jumps off the ladder and spins around 4 times in the air, while pulling out a grenade — and then putting it back — then just before hitting the ground he fires off a shot at a weird angle, and the bullet goes through a wall and hits an enemy that he can’t even see.

And that’s fairly simple compared to the stuff he does today (I first drew this cartoon about a year ago).

Video games.

Who knew that people would be able to make a living playing video games?  I never dreamed that such a thing would be possible back when I was a kid, but apparently it’s a real thing these days.


Cartoon strip: The Dinkledorfs #003

The Dinkledorfs #003 — cartoon by Chris Desatoff

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