The Dinkledorfs #009

Here in Hawaii we do have some pigeons, but not nearly as many as I remember growing up in California.  But we do have mina birds.

Mina birds are smaller than pigeons but are equally annoying.  And just like pigeons, they love to sit in the road until the very last second before flying away.  They taunt us…trying to make us swerve or hit the brakes.  But all along, they know that they’ll fly away just in time.  That’s the game they choose to play.

But sometimes…

Sometimes, those dumb birds lose that game.

Poor, dumb birds 🙁

comic strip: the dinkledorfs #009

The Dinkledorfs #009 — cartoon by chris desatoff

tags:  cartoons, comic strips, the jerry seinfeld show, reference to season 9 episode 6 — where George Castanza hits a pigeon with his car and his girlfriend freaks out

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