GoDammit! (GoPro Splice Update Rant)

Okay, so if you don’t know, all of my Youtube videos over the past two years were shot on my iPhone and edited on my phone using the GoPro Splice app.

But today there was a major GoPro Splice update.

The vlogs I was working on this week all got accidentally deleted (totally my fault), and the Splice video app that I’ve loved for the past two years basically got turned into an Apple iMovie clone (totally not my fault).

No offense to Apple, but I hate iMovie.

It’s clunky and cumbersome.

That’s why I loved using Splice in the first place.

Idk what GoPro was thinking on this one.

I’ve already tried lots of other iOS video editing apps and loved Splice because it was unique, streamlined (yet packed with useful editing features) and just easy-as-fuck to use.

The old interface was so awesome – there was nothing else in the app store like it. The UX was just so user-friendly, intuitive, efficient and idiot-proof.

So now I need to find another video editing app and come up with a whole new workflow.

But with all the other shit weighing on my mind lately, I just don’t have it in me.

So idk…vlog is on hold until whenever. Sorry.

(I’m such a boomer lol)

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