1 Way to Beat Writer Burnout

1 Way to Beat Writer Burnout

QUESTION: Does fear of negative feedback and criticism prevent you from writing? If you’re suffering from some type of writer’s block or writer burnout, you might just be listening to all the wrong people.

Focus on Your Clients (for freelance writers)

If you are a freelance writer who creates content for clients to put on their websites, then there is really only one person whose opinion of your work matters – your client. And if your client is happy with your work, that’s all you need. Write for your client and ignore the critics, trolls and haters who make you doubt yourself.

  • It doesn’t matter if random people on the internet think you suck.
  • It doesn’t matter if other freelance writers call you a hack.
  • It doesn’t matter if your family thinks you are fake or lazy or not good enough.
  • It doesn’t matter if your friends arent interested in your work either.
  • Hell, it doesn’t even matter if you think your own work is trash.

As a working writer, the only person you need to please is your client or employer.

That’s it.

If the client likes your work enough to keep accepting your articles and keep paying you for them, then that is all that matters.

So don’t shut down because of all those voices in your head telling you that you aren’t good enough. Don’t let all the critics – online or offline, real or imagined – stop you from doing the work. Don’t let their negativity lead to freelance writer burnout.

If your clients are happy with your writing, that’s all that really matters. If you’re submitting work to your clients and getting paid, then you are succeeding as a content writer.

And the same thing goes for bloggers.

Focus on Your Fans (for bloggers)

If you have readers who enjoy reading your blog, then just write for THEM. If blog subscribers keep showing up to read the things you write, then you must be doing something right.

Don’t focus on the few critics who feel the need to tell you everything that is wrong with you and your blog. Instead, focus on the readers who actually like your stuff. Just write FOR THEM.

You are not obligated to please the haters, the critics and the trolls. In fact, you CANNOT please them anyway because even if you change to make them happy, they will still find something else to complain about.

That is who they are, and you will never change them.

It’s not you – it’s them.

You don’t have to try to convert the unbelievers who don’t believe in you and your work and who disagree with everything you write.

It’s totally okay to preach to the choir. Just write for the fans who like your stuff, who agree with your opinions and who keep showing up because they get something positive from it. It’s totally okay to focus on them and ignore the rest.

COMIC: Preach to the choir

Trying to please everyone is a sure path to getting burned out as a writer.

So tune out everyone who tears you down and instead just give your time and attention to those who build you up and who appreciate your writing.

You’ll enjoy blogging a lot more. You’ll be more productive as a result. And if you keep putting your work out there, you’ll get more traffic, create more fans, attract more supporters and help more people along the way.