Does Burger King Still Have Coffee Subscription Monthly Service?

Does Burger King Still Have Coffee Subscription Monthly Service?

Back in March 2019, Burger King started offering a monthly coffee subscription. For $5 a month, you could get a small cup of coffee every single day. Just sign up in the app. That was great news for bloggers, freelance writers, cartoonists and coffee addicts of all persuasions. Until a few months later – when BK discontinued it. So unfortunately, Burger King no longer has a monthly coffee subscription service.

I thought a coffee subscription was a really great idea.

In fact, I had wished for something like this for years.

Yeah I thought of it first

For my first three years as a blogger, I lived in a townhome in Hawaii and my damn laptop couldn’t connect to our home wifi to save my life. Like, I’d literally set up right next to my router on the kitchen counter – nothing. Irritating, especially when everyone else in the house could connect all their devices from anywhere in our home.

So back then, I would go out to fast food places and libraries to use the internet. That really sucks when you’re trying to make a living as a freelance writer and blogger.

When I’d go out for coffee, (really, I was there more for the table and wifi than anything else). But when I’d go out, I remember thinking how cool it would be to just pay for a monthly or annual subscription. That would be worth it. I even thought it would be cool to have a members-only cafe where EVERYONE has to pay annually to even get in the door and order a coffee.

So yeah, I thought of it first. It was totally my idea.

Anyway, fast-foward a few years to when I’m living here in Vegas. I signed up for the BK coffee subscription right away and began using it. I was never big on their coffee, but for that price, I figured what do I have to lose, right?

Well, their coffee was terrible lol.

I remember getting my first free cup of coffee at the drivethru and then dumping it out on the ground after a few sips lol.

I tried it a few more times – even tried other locations. Sometimes it was a little better. But overall it was so consistently burnt, was filled with coffee grounds and tasted bad enough that I ended up unsubscribing after a month or two.

I’m not some kind of coffee snob or anything, either. I like coffee from McDonald’s and Jack in the Box just as much as Starbucks and Panera. And at home, I mostly just drink Folgers or some kind of cheap instant coffee.

So for a Plain-Jane kinda guy who wears jeans and T-shirts and drinks instant coffee makes money from home writing cheap internet articles – for me to cancel my practically-free coffee might tell you something.

For five bucks a month, I really wanted this to work. Hell, just the sugar and half-and-half alone was worth five bucks a month!

Oh well.

Burger King discontinued their monthly coffee subscription service a few months later, but I had already cancelled my subscription by then.

It was a great idea, but they just needed to make better coffee or work on being more consistent across locations. If BK ever takes another shot at a coffee subscription and figures out how to consistently deliver a better tasting coffee, I’d probably try it again.

Burger King Coffee Subscription?

Enter: Panera Bread

On the bright side, Panera Bread started a new monthly coffee subscription back in early 2020 for $9.99 a month (about a year after BK’s attempt). I signed up for that one right away too, and I am still a regular subscriber. I go there at least three days a week, so it works out pretty good.

That’s a great deal, and I’ll probably stick with them even if they double the price.

I love Panera’s hazelnut coffee, and it’s like jet fuel for writers.

Anyway, if you were wondering – now ya know. No mo BK subz.

– CD