Freelance Writers Are FLEXIBLE

Freelance Writers Are FLEXIBLE

Sometimes nothing goes according to plan when you’re a freelance writer.

First, This Happened…

For example, my wife wasn’t feeling so great today, and she wasn’t sure if she would be able to handle work or if she’d need to leave early.

So before heading out to drop her off at work, I assured her that I’ll just hang out and work at the coffee shop down the road from her job. That way she can call me if she needs a little moral support. And I’m just five minutes away if she just wants to call it a day and go home and rest.

That gave her some peace of mind, so off we went to her job.

It’s no biggie for me because I am self-employed. I can just take my laptop,  iPhone and sketchbook with me and still get work done from a cafe or wherever.

But still, even though I have a lot of flexibility as a writer working from home, sometimes things pile up. And that makes it hard to focus and be productive.

Then, This Happened…

For example, today (again).

I got my coffee and settled in with a good book for some inspirational reading. It helps me get in the mood to have a productive day of writing.

I read a chapter and wrote down a quick to-do list for the day. Then I fired up my laptop to work on my first client article for the day.

Less than 200 words in, my laptop shut down.

Dead battery.

I wasn’t planning on going out to write today, so I never charged my laptop last night. And I forgot to grab my charger when I hurried out the door this morning.

So I packed up my laptop and pulled out my sketchbook. I worked out a few panels for a comic strip I’ll be adding to one of my blog posts next week.

Wifey texted that she might be able to keep working through the yuckiness. But she wasn’t sure.

This Happened Next…

I refilled my coffee and sat down to figure out what to do next. I spent a few minutes editing video footage for today’s vlog on Youtube, and then I got another text.

It was my son (who lives with us).

He was locked out of the house.

He forgot his keys, and he asked if I could come home and let him in the house.

Freelance writers are FLEXIBLE

Since it’s summer, and we live in the desert, and it’s 105 degrees outside, and it’s going to be 110 degrees by the time my wife’s shift is over – I decided to just go home and let him inside.

I got home and edited a few more video clips for today’s vlog.

Then I had lunch.

Then I had Lunch # 2 because Lunch # 1 didn’t fill me up lol.

Then This…

I tried to work on my article some more, but my mind just wasn’t into it. I ended up planning out some future blog posts and vlog ideas instead.

Then it was almost time to head out to pick up my wife from work, so I just shrugged, shut down my laptop and left the house. I got down there and waited for a little bit at a park near her work. And then she was ready, so I picked her up and headed home.

We stopped for some groceries on the way home too.

Then I got home. My son had made dinner, but I wasn’t ready to eat yet, so I did some more vlog editing.

Finally, I ate dinner and then settled in at my desk to get some writing done.

I think it was like 8:00 pm at this time. My mind was a little distracted and sluggish at first, but I pushed through and finished the article around 10:00 pm. I had two more articles that I’d wanted to write for another content mill, but I still had something else to do.

Also That…

I had to finish editing the daily vlog.

And This Too…

And I still had to write this blog post to accompany it.

And That…

And when I’m finished typing, editing, formatting and uploading this post to my blog, I will still need to record it as an audio podcast.

Right now it’s 1:44 am.

So that’s a typical day as a freelance content writer. It’s frustrating at times, but what other job allows me to have so much freedom and be available for my family like that?

None that I can think of.

So at the end of the day, I might not be raking in the dough. But then again, WHO IS these days?

I’m grateful that I have a flexible gig as a freelance writer. It allows me to make money without having to punch a clock, ask for time off or worry about getting fired every time I need to skip work to do family stuff.

I kinda like it.