(Week 1) 1M Words Writing Challenge 2021

(Week 1) 1M Words Writing Challenge 2021

In case you been slacking and haven’t been reading my blog every day, I mentioned last week that I am ONCE AGAIN going to try to write one million words this year. That will include blog posts on my blog, guest blog posts for other blogs, articles and cartooning tutorials on HubPages and apparently an ebook? (or three???)

This post might only be interesting to my subscribers who are into writing and blogging, but I decided to do weekly updates (rather than monthly updates) as a way to keep myself on track more frequently.

So I’ll be doing a 1M Words update every Monday.

I learned the hard way while attempting this last year that it is VERY easy to fall behind on this writing challenge. And due to the huge amount of work this requires in total – you don’t want to fall behind.

At all.

So anyway, here’s my writing stats for Week 1 (with the post from Jan 3 thrown in as well).

  • Words written this week: 7,752 (+1,911 from Jan 3) = 9,663
  • Blog posts written this week: 7 (+1 from Jan 3) = 8
  • Guest posts written this week: 0
  • Hubs written this week: 0
  • TOTAL words this year: 9,663
  • TOTAL posts this year: 8

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*NOTE: Some blog posts, guest posts and HubPages articles (hubs) that were written this week have not yet been published (either on my blog, HubPages or other sites), so they will not be linked to here.

OTHER NOTE: my buddy Michael Brockbank is also doing this blogging challenge (again) this year. He actually came pretty close to hitting a million words last year. Well, a lot closer than I did lol.

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1 Comment on “(Week 1) 1M Words Writing Challenge 2021

  1. I wouldn’t call halfway there “close.” lol.

    But this year, I’m definitely going beyond. Just remember, sure I’m aiming for 1 million. However, the actual end-game is just to do more than I did in 2020. Keep up the work, man! You’re on a roll.