Week 4: 1M Word Writing Challenge 2021

Week 4: 1M Word Writing Challenge 2021

I am going to write one million words in 2021, and I’m posting weekly updates as I go. This is my progress for Week 4 (January 25-31)…

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Hey everyone,

Similar to weeks 2 and 3, Week 4 was also pretty rough. I didn’t write nearly as much as I had planned, but I did squeeze out four blog posts, at least.

I am way, way, WAY behind where I need to be to hit the 1,000,000 words goal by year’s end. I should have 76,923 words written by this point. At this rate, I’ll only be short about 800,000 words 😉

I was hoping to start vlogging again today on Youtube, but I woke up in a funk and never pulled out of it until late at night. But now I’m just trying to catch up on my blogging. Too tired to do videos on top of that tonight.

I’ve also been rethinking whether I want to launch right back into daily vlogging or start with a weekly video first. I’m leaning toward weekly vlogs for now, starting next Monday at the earliest.

Other than that, not much else to report this week.

  • Words written this week: 3,574
  • Blog posts written this week: 4
  • Guest posts written this week: 0
  • Hubs written this week: 0
  • TOTAL words this year: 15,520
  • TOTAL posts this year: 14
  • TOTAL words remaining til I hit 1M: 984,480

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*NOTE: Some blog posts, guest posts and HubPages articles (hubs) that were written this week might not have been published yet (either on my blog, HubPages or other sites), so they won’t have links.

8 Comments on “Week 4: 1M Word Writing Challenge 2021

  1. It’s OK to be slightly behind. Just gotta hammer it down and get it done.

    What kick started my motivation is when I dedicated myself to writing every day for a month. After that, it seemed habitual. After the experiment, all I want to do is write first thing when I get up in the morning. Now, it feels weird if I’m not hammering out a post.

  2. Good to you for shaking that fun Chris. Awesome dude. We need to edge out of these micro-fits to keep blogging over the long haul. Plus, you added some words. Well done. I needed a few day reset after feeling sapped energetically. Oodles of meditating and Kriya yoga for me to keep energy flowing and going.


  3. Yeah, that’s what I’ve tried more times than I can count. Never worked for me, and after missing a day or two my motivation would bottom out completely.

    It’s weird how one thing can work great for one person and then be actually counterproductive for another.

    And even weirder is how one approach can work great at one point in your life and then be useless at another point. Sometimes I try to go back and do what worked in the past – and I get nothing.

    Frickin LIFE, man haha.

    But I do think that 30-day challenges will work for me at some point. I’ve always loved the IDEA of them, but in practice (so far), I’ve always bombed.
    The best progress (maybe the ONLY progress) I’ve made in recent years has come from taking a totally relaxed approach and just tracking results with zero pressure to perform.

  4. Thanks Ryan. Yup, everybody needs a little reset now and then.

    I had to take a mini vacation from the Twitterverse for awhile, tho I did catch a couple of your guest posts on other sites. Anyway, time for me to do some catching up with everybody and see what you guys have been up to.

  5. See, and I thrive on pressure. But like I say for everything I do…”the best method is what ever you find that works best for you.”

    Maybe we should do dueling YouTube videos every day to motivate. lol. I think doing shorts is going to be the only thing I can get away with for CrossingColorado. Quick and easy uploads throughout the day. 🙂

  6. That would be fun.

    Yes, definitely start with short, easy videos. It doesn’t have to be a production. Like Gary V always says, just document your thoughts and don’t try to create anything special. Sure, people love a big production. But they also love little snippets of real life from real people.

    Ryan Biddulph did a video or podcast recently titled, “Create in spaces” in which he just took a minute while his coffee was brewing and made a short video. When you have a thought, make a quick vid. 15 seconds. 30 seconds. 60 seconds. Put it up on Insta.

    Once you have a few clips that go well together, topic-wise, string them together and put it up on Youtube.


    Sh*t, I should start doing that lol

  7. See…that would take way too much effort. lol

    My problem is that I HATE YouTube on my phone. But, I guess I need to get over that if I want to do shorts. Yay…