Week 5: 1M Word Writing Challenge 2021

Didn’t accomplish much this week.

I wrote my three weekly updates, and that was it.


That’s still 3 posts a week, which is more than I was doing for the last couple years. So that’s definitely a positive sign of progress. No need to feel bad about it. I’ve got plenty of ideas and topics that I want to blog about – just need to get focused again.

My pace will pick up soon.

Week 5 Writing Stats

  • Words written this week:  = 1,893
  • Blog posts written this week: 3
  • Guest posts written this week: 0
  • Hubs written this week: 0
  • TOTAL words this year: 17,413
  • TOTAL posts this year: 17

Links to This Past Week’s Content*

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*NOTE: Some blog posts, guest posts and HubPages articles (hubs) that were written this week might not have been published yet (either on my blog, HubPages or other sites). So those will not have links yet.

2 thoughts on “Week 5: 1M Word Writing Challenge 2021

  1. Hi Chris,

    Good deal about reaching 2K for the week. I deeply appreciate your transparency. You have been an open book on your blogging and fitness journeys. We see you. A rare trait in the blogging world as most, we see through, since they try to hide their genuine experiences.


  2. Hey thanks, Ryan. I appreciate that a lot. I really do. And thank you so much for your support too – and for sharing your own blogging journey over the years.

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