Week 6: 1M Word Writing Challenge 2021

Week 6: 1M Word Writing Challenge 2021

I’m going to write 1,000,000 words in 2021.

Here are my results for Week 6…

  • Words written this week:  1,963
  • Blog posts written this week: 3
  • Guest posts written this week: 0
  • Hubs written this week: 0
  • TOTAL words this year: 19,376
  • TOTAL posts this year: 20

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*NOTE: Some blog posts, guest posts and HubPages articles (hubs) that were written this week might have not yet been published (either on my blog, HubPages or other sites). So those will not have links yet.

Just Under 2,000 Words

It was another slow week.

All I wrote were my three weekly update posts – no topical blog posts, no guest posts and no HubPages articles.

And no videos or podcasts either.

What is that, five weeks in a row, now?


Of course I feel disappointed in myself. And my initial, knee-jerk reaction is to feel down and get frustrated with myself (which is pretty much the ongoing emotional state I’ve been stuck in for several years now, come to think of it).


But then I get a little tug of mindful awareness that pulls me out of my habitual, foggy brain funk and makes me pause and question:

Wait…why do I feel bad about these results?

Sh*t, man, I wrote three posts for my blog and logged another 2k words this week.

And In total, I’ve written 20 blog posts in the last 45 days.

Shouldn’t I feel pretty good about that?

Writing 3-4 posts a week isn’t impressive, but probably half the bloggers on the planet aren’t consistently hitting numbers like that so far this year.

Granted, half of my posts this year have been “boring” journal-style update posts, filled with weight-loss stats and meal pics and line graphs and tales of bad hygiene.

But still.

I’ve had worse weeks than that over my 8+ years of blogging and freelance writing. And I will also have better weeks than this going forward in 2021. But putting more pressure on myself to perform better just isn’t having the desired effect.

If anything, it’s only making things worse.

There were times in my life when pushing harder improved my results. There were times when that “hustle and grind” mentality enabled me to push out thousands of words a day.

But that hasn’t happened in a long time.

And it’s not happening right now.

Maybe it’ll work for me again some day idk.

But for now, it seems to make more sense to take a different approach.

The Logical Conclusion: I’m Doing Okay

So no pressure – not for now, anyway.

In recent months, I’ve been way more productive when I took a more relaxed approach and just rolled with it. And that’s actually what enabled me to finally get this blog post written here at 2:35 in the morning. Just calmly plunking away on my keyboard without pressuring myself to be anything special.

This approach has worked well for me these past 12 weeks as I’ve been losing weight (see link/post above).

And it’s working out pretty well with building new daily habits and routines too (see link/post above).

So…no pressure here on the blogging front.

If I just do my boring update posts this coming week, then that’s okay. I’ll pick up the slack later.

And if I bang out some other good stuff too, then that’s great.

But it doesn’t have to affect how I feel about myself.

And it certainly doesn’t affect who I am.


And I know that I’m going to accomplish great things in due time and have an impact on others.

That’s just who I am.

I don’t have to “try harder”.

I’ll just be myself and let the good stuff flow naturally.

No need to force it.

Okay bye.

Time to sleep.

4 Comments on “Week 6: 1M Word Writing Challenge 2021

  1. Hi Chris,

    Awareness is everything.

    Begin to relax, take a few deep breaths, and slowly but steadily observe your feelings. Sit in a quiet room. No distractions. Fears in your mind fuel the getting down and feeling frustrated emotions from the prior few years. Facing, feeling and releasing these fears is no picnic because the emotions are more intense than the down, frustrated feelings, but the upside is putting those fears and feelings in the rear view window.


  2. Remember, any victory is still a victory. As long as you feel you’re doing better than you did before, that’s all that really matters. Relish in your accomplishments and don’t focus too much on what you haven’t done. Realize the potential in what you have done.

    Just keep trying to get yourself into some good habits and let everything flow down the road.

  3. Hi Ryan, yeah I’ve been fueling those negative feelings for years. Sure, I suppose I had a little help here and there from outside sources, but that’s on me. Nobody can make me think or feel something without my permission, so I’ve got to own that.

    I’m working on it 😉

  4. Exactly, man. The more I get those new habits locked into the place, the more energy I can free up for more creative work.