What Few Folks Get about Being a Successful Blogger

Bloggers look at me and my life and say:

“Ryan, OF COURSE you are successful. It is EASY to be inspired, relaxed and prolific while staring at the gorgeous South Pacific in Fiji. It is EASY for you to succeed when living in the serene jungles of Bali.”


You could not be more wrong, off base or deluded.

I love you guys, but it is time to release this common blogger limiting belief. Bloggers believe pro bloggers succeed because pro bloggers live in a comfort zone of peaceful, relaxing success, void of fear, mental issues, pain and all that stuff holding *you* back.

Hmmmm….Bali Ryan appears to have it easy. But 12 years ago, when I was $70,000 in debt, do you think it felt easy for me to keep blogging generously when zero dollars showed up and creditors hounded me like wolves chasing a baby bison? Nope. Felt freaking terrifying! I recall wanting to end the creditor. Snarky jerk. I wish we could have met in a dark New Jersey alley….blah, blah, blah.


Thank goodness I fell deep into debt and kept blogging generously. I had to face, feel and release deep fears concerning money, shame, embarrassment and pain, along with grief. Phew. Do you believe that felt easy, for me? Imagine being so crippled with debt that you go bankrupt and STILL blog generously, helping people for free, through the ordeal?

That, My Young Blogging Padawans, is why I am blogging in Fiji and Bali. While facing deep, painful fears, and feeling these emotions, I largely maintained a higher energy vibe and kept helping people for free through my blog….which positioned me to be the blogger I am today. That is why I am successful. This is what few amateur bloggers understand about success: all those pros you envy experienced far deeper fears and pains than you have faced, up until now. Because when you face and feel these fears you would never, ever believe the silly idea that pros walked an easy, comfortable, fear and pain free journey, most of the time.

You Can Do It But Be Gentle with Yourself

Be gentle with yourself as you wade through fears. I know; you wonder how I did it? How did I keep blogging generously – for free – while declaring bankruptcy? I faced, felt, and released my fears so I could allow in more profitable ideas, money, awesome folks and freedom. Feeling fear feels highly unpleasant sometimes, a bit heavy other times, and sometimes, paralyzing. But fear is just a bunch of little itty bitty energy waves in your mind. Do you REALLY want to cop out on your blogging dreams because you feel enslaved to little itty bitty energy waves in your mind? Didn’t think so. You gotta predominantly maintain the generosity, energy and enthusiasm of blogging from New Zealand YEARS BEFORE blogging from New Zealand, often, when you *appear* (illusion) to be broke, struggling and in the cyber sewer. Congratulations!

You’re well on the way to being one of the select few, future pro bloggers out there. First, you blog mainly for your passion. As you blog mainly for fun, fears arise as your success comes together slowly, surely and steadily. Often, as these fears arise and you blog mainly for fun, those fears point directly to, like, 0 dollars made through blogging and little traffic, after hundreds of blogging hours, of effort. In these moments, the future pros feel fears, release and keep blogging generously, not panicking. These are the folks who you see blogging from Thailand, Costa Rica and Qatar. The *lucky* ones, the ones who had it *easy*. Everybody else panics and bails on a proven strategy, guaranteeing their failure, or panics and quits. Feel fear. Release fear. Maintain the generous, cheery vibe now – despite your living conditions (all of which are temporary) – that positions you to succeed. You will go pro when you are being the pro well before you become the pro.

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This is a guest post by island-hopping pro blogger Ryan Biddulph.

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