Win $5000 and Get Published – Vocal Media 2021 Fiction Writing Contest

Win $5000 and Get Published – Vocal Media 2021 Fiction Writing Contest

Hey aspiring fiction writers:

  • Do you love writing short stories?
  • Do you like the idea of people reading and enjoying your short stories?

Well then, how about this:

  • Would you love to write a short story, get it published in a book and get paid $5,000 for it?

This past week I received an email from Vocal Media promoting their first ever Vocal+ Fiction Awards, which has cash prizes totaling $125,000, along with free Vocal+ membership for runners up. You can even get referral bonuses of $25 each just for getting your friends to sign up for the contest.

Here’s what the email said:

Hi Chris,

We want to invite you to take part in our biggest Challenge to date: The Vocal+ Fiction Awards.

For this Challenge, there’s no prompt–we just want you to submit your best piece of short fiction, in any style, genre or theme of your choosing.

25 grand prize winners will receive $5,000 each and have their stories published in Vocal’s first ever book–a collection of short stories by Vocal creators, available for purchase, estimated for release in the spring of 2022. 1,000 runners up will be selected to receive a free year of Vocal+.

Upgrade to Vocal+ for 50% off today to participate in the Vocal+ Fiction Awards, and pay just $4.99/mo for your first three months.

So guys, if you want to check it out, here is a link to additional information and how to enter the Vocal+ 2021 Fiction Writing Contest.

Submissions close December 29, 2021, so don’t wait too long to join the contest and write your original piece of fiction writing. Submissions must be at least 600 words and no more than 4,000 words.

Good luck!

vocal media fiction writing contest

PS – my buddy Michael Brockbank is already making some money with his articles on Vocal Media, and he’s working on his own 30-day writing challenge on Vocal. Check it.

Vocal.Media is a website where you can publish your own articles, build an audience of your own and even earn passive income based on the amount of traffic that your articles receive. They put ads on the page and split the revenue with you. You can join Vocal and publish your articles for free, but they also have a premium membership called Vocal+ which gives you certain benefits – like joining this fiction writing contest – and lets you earn a higher ad revenue split on your articles.