Write That Blog Before the Inspiration Fades

I have a list of blog post ideas in my notebook that I haven’t written about yet. Some are ideas I came up with a week or two ago. A few were from older lists from a month or two ago. And I even have a couple ideas that I found on an old list in my Notes app on my phone – those were from like two or three years ago!

I’ve looked at this new master list several times over the last 30 days or so, as I was thinking about the upcoming new year and resolutions and goals and all that.

A few times I grabbed an idea and wrote the blog post.

Others got passed over…pushed back to be written at a later time.

But today…tonight…right now…at 6:56pm…I find myself staring at this list once again.

I don’t feel much motivation or inspiration for any of these topics.

They were good ideas at the time. But something got lost since then.

In fact, for one of the older ones…I don’t even know what the hell I was going to write about.

I have a title and a vague memory of what I planned on writing about at the time. And I remember feeling really excited about that idea when it first entered my brain and got transferred through my fingertips into my phone.

But now, so much time has passed.

I’m just not feeling it.

The inspiration is gone.

The excitement and the ideas that lit up my brain when I first thought of these topics and the titles – gone. They’re just GONE.

Long gone.

The inspiration I felt in those moments has passed.

Where Did the Blogging Inspiration Go?

I never had a problem with this before, as far as I can remember – at least, not on my earlier blogs, back in my first few years of blogging circa 2012 to 2016.

I think one reason for this change is that in those old days, I took a different approach to blogging than I take today.

Back then I was much more SEO-focused compared to now. I usually worked from a keyword list to create my blog post titles.

And then in my freelance writing years, especially from 2017 to 2020 when freelancing was my main focus, I primarily wrote SEO content for clients. And they often required not only specific keywords and titles as the main focus of the post, but they would often provide the outline too.

Many of those articles practically wrote themselves.

I must have written 400+ blog posts and articles for my own sites and web 2.0 accounts this way, along with 1,000+ posts/articles for clients using these methods.

And I’m not complaining about it or saying THIS works better than THAT blah blah blah. There’s more than one way to build a successful blog that delivers value to its readers. And I’m not picking sides or asking any other blogger to pick sides.

But for me personally, where I’m at right now, I just can’t go the SEO route these days.

I think I just burned myself out on that.

Apart from my data-tracking update posts, most of my recent blog post ideas came in the moment, sparked by some random event in my daily life. So when the inspiration hit, I either wrote the post immediately or jotted down the idea in my notebook or phone to write later if I didn’t have time to get to it then.

And there’s the problem.

If I didn’t get back to that idea within 24-48 hours, it just sat in my notes. And whenever I did finally try to come back to it, it just got pushed further back until it got onto my current list.

The list I stared at all day.

And now I know why – the inspiration was gone.

Fire burned out.

Nothing left but meh.

Run With It Before the Inspiration to Blog Fades

So now I get it.

Now I understand.

When I’m not writing standard “how-to” content from a keyword list…when I’m writing with the intention to motivate and encourage my readers with a (hopefully) fresh idea or fresh angle on a timeless idea, then I’ve got to write these bad boys when the inspiration hits.

I’ve got to jump on those blog post ideas soon after I think of them. Otherwise I’ll forget what I was even going to talk about.

And if I delay too long, I run the risk of writing stoically…METHODICALLY…without feeling.

I mean, I can turn to keyword lists to spark ideas from time to time, like I did in the past. Those keywords might spark some good titles for me and good ideas for my readers like they once did.

But I don’t see myself writing that way as my primary method of blogging anytime soon. No more letting those list of blog titles sit and collect dust.

They grow cold too quickly.

And I don’t plan on serving up cold blog posts.


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4 thoughts on “Write That Blog Before the Inspiration Fades

  1. I think it’s safe to say we all have “those lists.” Hell, even when I do set something up for SEO writing, I still forget what the hell I was going to write about. lol

    Nowadays, though, I use Asana to keep track of the notes for each article so I can remember. But, I can say that striking when the iron is hot usually leads to better content. Look at my review of BMC. I hit that as soon as it came to me. Now, about 37% of the site’s traffic is because of that one article. 🙂

    You never know when you’ll stumble across that epic post that changes everything.

  2. Yeah man, this is exactly what I do Chris. I do not play around. I get an idea and write and publish the post immediately. No fear. No delay. Fear scares us into NOT writing a blog post immediately. Strengthening our mind helps us face, feel and release fear, to write and publish the darn post, now.

  3. Hey Ryan, I figured that’s how you roll. Waste no time. Do your morning routine (sometimes afternoon routine lol) and jump right into it. I love it.

  4. Isn’t it crazy how you can spend hours planning, researching and writing a post. And then crank out the next one in a fraction of the time. And then the one you just blasted out in 20 minutes ends up getting tons of traffic lol. It’s not easy figuring out what people are going to like best. Just gotta keep cranking them out and let the readers decided.

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