Writing When You Don’t Feel Like It

It’s almost midnight.

I just wrote a 371 word article for a client on one of the content mills I write for. It took me less than half an hour, and I made $11.05.

And I’m happy AF right now.

Okay, maybe not quite THAT happy. But still…kinda happy.

You see, I spent all day today feeling like sh*t. From the time I woke up (11AM ish) until 10:30PM, I just felt pretty down. I’ve got a lot on my mind. Money is tight (okay NONEXISTENT). There’s this OTHER thing that I can’t talk about, but it’s been stressing me out daily for like more than two years and it isn’t going to get settled anytime soon. Plus, idk I’m just feeling cranky today.

I sat at my desk for a few hours today, trying to push out some articles and blog posts, both for clients and for my own blog. Nothing happened. I just sat there. Then I tweeted and I youtubed and I instagrammed until it was time to eat again.

But no work got accomplished all day.

Then I took a nap and missed a deadline and was just like F*CK IT and went to the kitchen and ate again.

But then…

Feeling at my lowest point in the day…feeling like crap…I started hating myself for being weak and not having self discipline. And I thought to myself,

“Hey…I feel pretty shitty…but this is actually the PERFECT opportunity to work on self-discipline, push through this blah feeling and just slog out that last article before I miss that deadline too.”

So I slogged.

Actually, it wasn’t so sloggy. By the time I walked from the kitchen to my desk, I actually started to feel better. Nothing had changed. I hadn’t accomplished anything. But just the fact that I made the DECISION to gently push forward into action – to just give it a shot – gave me a subtle boost.

Small wins are actually really important because that's what gives you BIG wins over time. - Chris Desatoff Click To Tweet

So I sat down at my desk, fired up my laptop and ALLOWED myself to feel like sh*t while pushing words out of my brain and onto my screen. Twenty minutes later, I had a short article typed up for my client, and now I’ll have a few more bucks in my pocket next week when my payout comes in.

As far as victories go, this one is as minor as it gets.

But small wins are actually really important, because that’s what gives you BIG wins over time.

Building self-disicipline – whether in writing or just in life – is hard as sh*t.

But it gets easier with every step you take.

– CD

Building self-disicipline - whether in writing or just in life - is hard as shit. But it gets easier with every step you take. Click To Tweet

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