21 Ways to Stop Late-Night Snacking

21 Ways to Stop Late-Night Snacking

I’m now over four weeks into my 6-week weight loss challenge to finish 2020 strong. My goal was to lose 25 lbs in 6 weeks. But at my last weigh-in, I am only down four pounds total after four weeks. So I’m going to have to lose another 21 pounds in these last two weeks to hit my target weight (299 lbs).

That is still possible. But I’m going to have to level up my diet and start exercising regularly to hit that goal.

But looking over my results these last few weeks, my biggest issue has been eating snacks at night. While I’ve only had a full-on binge a few times after dinner during the past 30 days, there’s really only been ONE FRICKIN DAY where I didn’t eat any snacks at all – just my three meals a day.

That’s my main diet rule/strategy for this challenge: eat only 3 meals a day with zero snacks.

And I’ve only hit that target one day in four weeks! Yikes!

So I decided to do a little brainstorming session to come up with 20 things I can do to avoid binge eating and snacking at night. That should help me drop several pounds this week, maybe even enough to get back on track to losing 25 lbs by the end of the year.

Here’s what I came up with…

cartoon: no snacking

  1. Eat some “comfort food” at dinner to satisfy my cravings
  2. Drink extra water in the evening
  3. Put a “No snacking” note on kitchen cupboard and fridge
  4. Write “I do not eat snacks at night” 100x a day
  5. Keep a “No snacking” rule card in my pocket every day
  6. Post a “No snacking” note on my desk wall
  7. Write “No snacking” on my hand – in Sharpie!
  8. Go to bed earlier
  9. Drink hot lemon water at night
  10. Repeat “I do not eat snacks at night” 10x every hour at night
  11. Read from weight loss book at night
  12. Stand up weight loss book on desk at night in field of vision
  13. Set reminder alarms every hour from 6 to bedtime
  14. Research how to stop binge eating
  15. Have an accountability partner
  16. Eat 4 slices of bread with dinner
  17. Chew gum at night
  18. Drink caffeine free diet soda at night
  19. Reward yourself for NOT snacking at night
  20. Give up and intentionally binge on low-cal snacks at night
  21. Split dinner in half and eat the other half as a “snack”

the hand that feeds me too many snacks

diet rules on note cards

starch solution book standing up on my desk

Have any diet tips to share?

What works for you to keep the munchies in check late at night?

1 Comment on “21 Ways to Stop Late-Night Snacking

  1. The last couple of days, I’ve been too busy to snack. lol.

    But, I know how you feel. It’s part of why I haven’t hit my goal weight yet. One thing I found that works great for me is occupying my mind with something. Lately, we’ve been planning out games and streaming on Twitch. Mostly because I feel uncomfortable eating on camera.

    I’ve also kept my mind busy researching and fixing Crossing Colorado.

    I guess my ultimate point is to find something that gets the mind off of snacking until I go to bed at a “reasonable” time. 🙂