Consult Your Guru Before Starting This or Any Weight Loss Program

Consult Your Guru Before Starting This or Any Weight Loss Program

“Breathe, Chris.

Just breathe.


My hands are literally shaking as I begin typing this blog post.

I feel light-headed.



I guess my blood sugar is either sky high or dirt low – one of those.

So hold on a minute.

Yeah, give me a minute…

After 10 minutes of meditation/breathing exercises with my eyes closed…


I feel okay now.

I think I was right on the edge of an anxiety attack right there. I’ve been down that road enough times to recognize it.

And what triggered all that?

Probably me shooting out of the gate like a rocket on Day 1 of my 6-week weight loss challenge.


I overdid it today.

comic: caution: slow down fatso


I’m Not 20 Years Old Anymore

And let’s be honest.

That whole “like a rocket” thing is totally an exaggeration.

I went for a walk.

And I did a light calisthenics and dumbbell circuit that lasted less than four minutes.

And it practically floored me.

Oh…and I ate a can of cream-style corn.

So I wasn’t exactly the hardest worker in the room, here – and already I’m struggling.

This is just a reminder that I’m not some young kid or hardcore Navy Seal-type guy on Youtube or Instagram that’s gonna grind that bodyfat into oblivion and inspire a million people.

I’m 45.

I’m fat as f*ck.

I’m sedentary, didn’t do sports in school and have NEVER been very “athletic” in my life.

I have some health and mobility issues (nothing major…but I can’t just ignore that stuff).

So there are going to be some challenges and some speed bumps along the way. I have to be realistic and expect that.

And I think I’m going to have to adjust both my approach and my expectations here.

Now I Just Wanna Cross the Finish Line

Plan A was to diet hard, work my butt off every single day and lose 25 lbs in 6 weeks.

Plan B is going to be less ambitious.

I think I’m just going to try walking every day and avoiding snacks.

But with my starting weight of 324 lbs, if I can just get a modest amount of exercise most days of the week and avoid overeating, that alone might actually be enough to get me close to my weight loss goal of 25 pounds.


Day 1 is over.

I’ll post an update next Friday.

3 Comments on “Consult Your Guru Before Starting This or Any Weight Loss Program

  1. That was one of my biggest issues…and still is. I have a tenancy to go too hard, which ends badly most of the time. You gotta pace yourself and work up to those fit YouTubers. 🙂

  2. Yeah, those guys are a whole different level haha. I’ll just walk and try not to pass out.