I Gained 12 lbs My First 30 Days on Lockdown

I Gained 12 lbs My First 30 Days on Lockdown

I’ve been practicing social distancing and staying home during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 lockdown for a little over a month now. I track my weight in my Apple Health app on my iphone, and my stats are not looking good. At the end of February I weighed in at 302 lbs, and on April 1st I hit 314. It’s now April 8, and my weight is still 314.


I gained 12 pounds on lockdown in only a month. Woah.

So I guess it’s time to do something about that.


I don’t plan on doing anything really drastic in terms of diet. I had some success last year (see my Youtube playlist WEIGHT LOSS VLOG 2019) and lost several pounds easily just by cutting out snacks and limiting myself to three meals a day. So I intend to follow a similar plan. I’ll eat three meals a day, no snacks and no deprivation.

I don’t plan on counting calories or macros, and I won’t eat commercial diet food/supplements. Just regular food. I even stocked up on oatmeal to get things rolling.

Some meals will obviously be healthier than others. And there might be some junk food on occasion. But overall I should get in a caloric deficit just by not grazing on food all day long like I have been for the past several years (and especially these last few weeks in self-quarantine).

That worked for me last year, and it should work again for now. At some point my metabolism will drop and my weight loss will stall, so I’ll adjust down the road. But this change alone should be enough to get back down below 300 lbs.


  • 2 packets oatmeal + fruit
  • 1 peanut butter & banana sandwich + fruit
  • Rice or pasta + 1 can food (baked beans, chili, cream corn, soup)
  • Rice or pasta + leftovers


Looking back over the last year, I managed to keep my weight gain in check over the course of 2019 simply by walking more daily steps and by cutting snacks.

For now, I can’t go to the gym, so that’s out. So I’m just going to start by going outside for a walk every day. Three laps around my apartment complex is about 5,000 steps, so that’s what I’m going to start with for the first month.


  • Just try to walk 5,000 steps a day (average for the month using Apple Health app)

Okay, so that’s it.

I’ll probably do an update next month.

– Chris

What about you?

Are you gaining weight while on lockdown? Are you more sedentary or more active, now that you’re staying at home more?

I suppose now is a good time to make some changes, since we’ve all got more time away from work (well, most of us). Might as well use it to do something positive, right?

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4 Comments on “I Gained 12 lbs My First 30 Days on Lockdown

  1. I’ve actually been losing weight. 4 pounds this week alone. But, that’s because I am on a diet of pepperoni slices and cheese cubes while walking nearly 20,000 steps a day because I am bored!

    I suspect it’s the severe lack of carbs in the things I eat at the hotel. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I saw your dinner on Twitter the other night lol. Congrats on the weight loss this week. Keep doing what you’re doing.
    I woke up 4 lbs lighter this morning, but most of that’ll come right back on – fluids. But after like four days in a row of weight increases, it’s encouraging to see the number heading back down.