I Lost 6 Lbs! Week 4 – Weight Loss Challenge 2020

I Lost 6 Lbs! Week 4 – Weight Loss Challenge 2020

Okay guys, I’m four weeks into this year-end weight loss challenge. Do I still have a shot at losing 25 lbs in 6 weeks?

Let’s see how I’m doing…

DAY 22: Friday 12/11/20


  • Weight: 322 lbs
  • Steps: 6,536




  • Breakfast: ½ can vegetarian chili + rice
  • Lunch: 4 pieces chicken + 7 mini corn tortillas
  • Dinner: full plate of random leftovers
  • Snack: ½ bag caramel corn + 1 small box of crackers + 1 handful macadamia nuts
  • Drinks: water + 1 cup coffee + 1 Coke


Week 4 started out…mmm…okay, I guess.

After like two weeks of skipping it, I finally went for a walk this morning, maybe like 30-40 minutes. Then grocery shopping. So I managed to get in some steps today.

Diet started out okay at breakfast but then went downhill after dinner. Night-time binging again. But I actually did okay on beverages, limiting myself to “just” one coffee and one soda (in line with my diet habits and rules for this 6-week challenge).

DAY 23: Saturday 12/12/20


  • Weight: 322 lbs
  • Steps: 3,101




  • Breakfast: ½ can vegetarian chili + rice
  • Lunch: 2 breakfast sandwiches (sausage, egg, hash brown) + extra hash brown patty
  • Dinner: small steak + chili and rice
  • Snack: more chili + rice
  • Drinks: water + 2 green tea latte + 1 cup coffee


No walk today.

No workout either.

Ate A LOT of chili and rice yum =)

If eating was exercise, I’d be so fricking ripped by now.

DAY 24: Sunday 12/13/20


  • Weight: 323 lbs
  • Steps: 3,155


  • (25 lbs) DB incline bench press – 5 x 12


  • Breakfast: 2 packets oatmeal + craisins
  • Lunch: veggie soup + 2 cucumber sandwiches w/ hummus and tzatziki
  • Dinner: 1 can beef tamales
  • Snack: handful of mixed nuts
  • Drinks: water + 2 cups coffee + 1 green tea latte


Today felt pretty good, even though I skipped my walk again. But we did some errands and grocery shopping, so I still ended up getting 3k steps. So that’s not too bad. And I squeezed in some dumbbell work at night while at my desk.

I actually did pretty good on eating, even though I did snack on a handful of nuts. But other than that, I stuck to the plan and only ate 3 meals.

Feeling a lot more positive and motivated overall as the day progressed. So idk, hopefully things will start picking up this week.

Also, thinking about vlogging again on Youtube. So we’ll see.

DAY 25: Monday 12/14/20


  • Weight: 320 lbs
  • Steps: 1,473




  • Breakfast: 2 packets instant oatmeal w/ craisins
  • Lunch: 3 egg white sliders w/ mayo
  • Dinner: 2 bowls of vegetable soup + 2 slices sourdough toast
  • Snack: 1 mandarin orange + 1 tortilla w/ peanut butter and jelly
  • Drinks: water + 2 coffee + 1 chai + 1 Coke
  • BINGE: shit man, too much to list here. See below…


Okay, so other than my weigh-in (320 lbs – 4 lbs below starting weight), Monday sucked hard.

I didn’t walk or work out.

I actually did really good on eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a modest snack in the afternoon. And I didn’t feel hungry or deprived or anything.

But idk…at night I just fell into a rut.

I went to see if we had any salty snacks like chips or whatever. We had three “party size” bags in the cupboard. Two were almost empty and the third was half full.

I grabbed all three and headed to my desk to watch Star Wars and surf the web.

But that wasn’t enough.

I later went back and ate some leftover spareribs.

Then I ate a whole poke bowl (rice and fish/seafood).

Again, I wasn’t really even physically hungry. It was just mindless, stress eating. Looking back, I think reading a bunch of news articles right before my binge contributed to that.

I’ve actually noticed this pattern before: reading or watching the news – especially politics – ESPECIALLY POLITICS THESE LAST 4-5 YEARS – stresses me the f*ck out. I just shake my head and can’t believe I’m from the same planet as these people.

Then I went to bed with a sore stomach and heartburn lol.


DAY 26: Tuesday 12/15/20


  • Weight: 323 lbs
  • Steps: 3,904




  • Breakfast: 1 packet oatmeal w/ 1 T craisins and 1 T pb powder
  • Lunch: chili macaroni
  • Dinner: more chili mac + 1 bagel
  • Snack: NONE =)
  • Drinks: 3 water + 1 coffee + 1 Coke


As expected after last night’s binge, I put on 4 lbs.

And then I skipped my walk and workout again.

But I did GREAT with my diet. I only ate my three meals. I ate ZERO snacks. I limited my beverage calories to one soda and one coffee.

And my breakfast was pretty light to begin with.

As for the diet aspect, this is how I want my days to look. I think this might actually be the FIRST DAY OF THIS WHOLE FRIGGIN CHALLENGE where I stuck to my diet (3 meals, 0 snacks, 0-1 coffee, 0-1 coke) for the entire day.

Sure, maybe I could have had a little more variety between lunch and dinner. But even with me knocking out two big bowls of chili macaroni (a pretty calorically dense food) – I think I can lose weight eating like this.

DAY 27: Wednesday 12/16/20


  • Weight: 321 lbs
  • Steps: 1,925




  • Breakfast: 1 packet oatmeal w/ 1 T pb powder and 1 T craisins
  • Lunch: 2 egg and kamaboko (fishcake) sandwiches w/ mayo
  • Dinner: veggie soup w/ pasta + 1 bagel
  • Snack: veggie chips w/ hummus + nori strips + 1 bagel
  • Drinks: 6 water + 2 coffee



I was jolted out of bed around 3AM by painful cramping in my calf and foot, definitely due to dehydration.

I normally drink lots of water along with whatever else, but yesterday I only had three bottles of water, a soda and a cup of coffee (and the Coke and coffee don’t really count, since they’re mild diuretics anyway).

So I’ve decided to start tracking my water intake along with my other beverages.

Experts recommend at least 64 ounces throughout the day, but with my added size – plus living here in the freaking desert – I figure I should probably go for at least 100 ounces. So that’s like six bottles a day.

Today went really well (so far…it’s 8PM).

While I skipped my walk and workout again, I did pretty good on diet. I did have a little snack here late at night, but I planned ahead for it.

I got these little snack packs of chips and hummus. It’s like an ounce of each or something like that. 180 calories total, so not too bad. I also had a little pack of nori strips, which was only 20 calories.

So these little goodies seem to have satisfied my craving for something crunchy and salty with only adding in 200 total calories. Let’s hope that’s enough to keep me physically and mentally satisfied tonight.

(UPDATE: It wasn’t. I went back for one more bagel.)

DAY 28: Thursday 12/17/20


  • Weight: 320 lbs
  • Steps: 5,882




  • Breakfast: cereal w/ coconut milk
  • Lunch: vegetarian chili mac
  • Dinner: 1 can beef tamales w/ hot sauce + 1 pbj sandwich
  • Snack: 1 bagel + 4 bites garlic chicken and rice
  • Drinks: 4 water + 1 coffee + 1 coke + 1 dirty white mother (but w/ coconut milk)


Hey, so I finally went for another walk this afternoon. Idk how much time went by, but I did well over 5,000 steps, which is just about the most I can do without needing a couple days off to rest my feet and prevent blisters. My feet are actually pretty sore/tender right now, so I’m glad I didn’t try to force another lap around the park.

As for diet, at the time I’m writing this, I’ve avoided snacking between meals. And I ate some pretty hearty, filling food for both lunch and dinner. So I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t snack or binge later tonight. So far, so good.

(UPDATE: Dammit. Went back again for a bagel and a few bites of leftovers. Plus, now the sole of my left foot – and tips of several toes – are really hurting. I hope I don’t get blisters.)


cartoon: week 4

My stats for WEEK 4…

  • Last week’s weight: 326 lbs
  • Current weight: 320 lbs
  • Weight lost this week: 6 lbs
  • Total steps this week: 25,976
  • Daily average for this week: 3,711 steps/day


  • Original starting weight: 324 lbs
  • Total weight lost in this challenge: 4 lbs
  • Total steps for this challenge: 91,657
  • Daily average for this challenge: 3,273 steps/day

Alright, so Week 4 comes to a close.

I ended up losing 6 lbs this week. But since last week’s weight was actually 2 lbs higher than my starting weight, it’s only a 4 lbs total weight loss so far.

I’ll take it.

So overall I’ve lost 4 lbs in four weeks.

The best thing is that I’m doing better on my diet. I’m snacking less overall. And many of my meals themselves are getting a little smaller and less calorically dense overall. So that’s helping me to lose weight even on days that I end up “blowing” my diet with a late-night binge.

But snacking in-between meals seems to no longer be an issue for me. 

For next week, I just want to keep tightening up my diet, little by little. If I can break my habit of munching all night long, then I might still be able to hit my target weight, or come close to it, in the next couple weeks.

My friend Michael is also doing a 6-week weight loss challenge. You can check out his progress this week on his blog at CrossingColorado.com.

6-Week Weight Loss Challenge 2020 – MY RESULTS

Intro: 324 lbs

Week 1: 327 lbs (+3 lbs)

Week 2: 321 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 3 326 lbs (+5 lbs)

Week 4: 320 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 5: 319 lbs (-1 lb)

Week 6 update

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  1. I know how you feel. The news seems to sap the hell out of my motivation as well. And be careful when walking. I busted up my feet pretty good trying to push myself too hard during a 5k. lol