It’s Over – Week 6 | Weight Loss Challenge 2020

It’s Over – Week 6 | Weight Loss Challenge 2020

DAY 36: Friday 12/25/20


  • Weight: 324 lbs
  • Steps: 805






Well, in the morning I got on the scale and weighed in at 324 lbs – right back where I started five weeks ago. It’s still only a five pound gain, which can come right back off quickly.

But still…it doesn’t feel good.

On top of that, I still feel kinda sh*tty in general (what is that, 4 days in a row now?), and I didn’t record my meals this time. It’s Christmas though, so you know there was plenty of food – including some junk food from the drive-thru.

And I didn’t really stick to my diet rules.

I may or may not have devoured an entire butter-drenched turkey drumstick all by myself. And as I recall, that was AFTER dinner!


DAY 37: Saturday 12/26/20


  • Weight: 319 lbs
  • Steps: 4,829




  • Breakfast: 1 packet oatmeal + 2 strawberries + pb powder
  • Lunch: 4 bites of korean fish patty idk (?) + 2 cucumber sandwiches
  • Dinner: 1 can progresso soup, rice and 1 slice bread + pumpkin mousse w/ whip cream
  • Snack: 1 bagel
  • Drinks: 5 water + 2 ovaltine (w/ coconut milk) + 1 diet root beer


Today was a pretty good day. Things are getting back on track. And I’m pleasantly surprised to see that my weight actually dropped by five frickin pounds. After yesterday’s splurges, I expected to gain at least a pound or two.


Picked up some extra steps today wandering around the grocery store trying to find my wife.

I swear, man. She vanishes like a ninja every time I stop for five seconds to pick up an item and put it in the cart 🙂 Then I have to walk like two laps around the whole damn store before I can find her again.


I ALMOST stuck to the diet today.

Snacked on a bagel a couple hours after dinner. Wasn’t really hungry. But it was THERE and it looked TASTY (and it was). But at least I didn’t slide into a full-on binge. And who knows, maybe eating that 1 bagel actually helped me AVOID diving into junk food later on in the night?

But I do wish we had a larger pantry so I could keep the kitchen counter totally clear of food.

Also, today I laid down pretty much all my Christmas money on It’s my first time on that site, but I’m going all in for 2021.

I joined three bets/games. Two are 4-week weight loss challenges and the other is a 6-month weight loss challenge.

I’m not generally a gambling man (even though I live in Las Vegas). And I don’t recommend it for most people – even in this context. But I don’t really consider this gambling. I’m betting on MYSELF, not some random roll of the dice.

I WILL be losing that weight anyway over the next few months – might as well win a few bucks along the way. I think I’ll win enough to pay at least one bill, maybe two. And maybe this will give me a little motivational boost too.

DAY 38: Sunday 12/27/20


  • Weight: 319 lbs
  • Steps: 542




  • Breakfast: ¼ cup oatmeal w/ pb powder and 3 strawberries
  • Lunch: 2 cucumber sandwiches + 1 mandarin orange
  • Dinner: 1 can chili w/ rice
  • Snack: (none) 
  • Drinks: 5 water + 2 ovaltine (coconut) + 2 diet root beer


Okay. Today was excellent.

I’m currently at 3 meals and 0 snacks, and it’s almost 9:00 PM. I’ll be heading to bed soon, and I have zero negative feelings or cravings or urges to eat.

I think it’s because I spent the last several hours planning out my blogging and content strategy for next year. I’ve struggled with this for years, but for the first time in FOREVER I feel really good about New Year’s resolutions, goals and the upcoming year.

DAY 39: Monday 12/28/20


  • Weight: 317 lbs
  • Steps: 982




  • Breakfast: ¼ cup oatmeal w/ pb powder and 2 strawberries
  • Lunch: 2 cucumber sandwiches + handful raw asparagus + 1 mandarin orange
  • Dinner: 1 can progresso soup w/ rice + 1 bagel + 1 flatbread
  • Snack: 0
  • Drinks: 6 water + 3 coffee/ovaltine + 1 boozy coffee + 2 diet root beer + 1 sleepytime tea
  • DINNER #2: 1 can chili + rice


I noticed again today that dieting is getting…um…less difficult.

I still miss eating lunch and then 23 minutes later eating Lunch #2. =D

But I noticed that it is SOMETIMES getting a little easier to say “no” to Lunch #2. Most of the time now, I skip right past Lunch #2 entirely without even thinking about it.

The last few weeks I’ve also been reducing portion size at breakfast and lunch and cutting out most meat, eggs, dairy and fatty foods (even vegetable oils) – occasionally at first, but nearly every day now.

I do still miss those foods. My palette notices that they are missing. I still feel “pulled” toward them at times.

But I also feel a little more willpower to avoid that temptation or that habit or whatever you want to call it.

Not always…but here and there…it’s working.

These changes are starting to feel more “normal” now. I know I can still fall right over the edge at any time, like I did for four days straight leading up to Christmas.

But today felt different.

It felt good.

And I’m finding myself just sticking with these new eating patterns automatically without having a huge mental battle in my brain.

Sometimes I just eat my oatmeal or my cucumber sandwiches without even asking myself what I feel like eating. I just do it on autopilot. I’m forming new eating habits that automatically lead to a healthier body weight.

So that’s good.

That’s where I want to be with this, at least during my weight loss phase.

Instead of mindlessly eating junk foods when I’m not even hungry, I’d rather be mindlessly eating healthier foods at designated meal times. And that’s what I’m noticing happening more and more often.


Feels good.

Anyway, today marks two days in a row that I ate 3 meals and 0 snacks. Hopefully I’ll keep that streak going tomorrow.

UPDATE: Okay, well. Technically, I broke the diet and ate a 4th meal around 1:30 AM. So it wasn’t 3 meals 0 snacks this day.

BUT…I stayed up til like 4:00 in the morning, my dudes. I decided to stay awake and push out that blog post that had been sitting in my head all day, refusing to come out. It was eight hours since I’d had dinner, and I was frickin hungry.

So after agonizing over it and feeling REALLY tempted to eat an entire box of mac and cheese (I literally had the box in my hand and was reaching into the cupboard for a pot) – I put it back and just made a standard high-carb low-fat dinner: 1 can vegetarian chili with rice.

So did my Dinner #2 at 1:00 AM mess up my weight loss? Check tomorrow’s stats and find out =)

DAY 40: Tuesday 12/29/20


  • Weight: 317 lbs
  • Steps: 976




  • Breakfast: oatmeal w/ pb powder and 3 strawberries
  • Lunch: 4 scrambled egg white sandwiches
  • Dinner: ½ can cream style corn + rice
  • Snack: none
  • Drinks: 4 water + 1 ovaltine/coffee + 2 diet root beer


3 meals 0 snacks!!!

A few months ago, my son had mentioned seeing some bodybuilder guys on Youtube who buy liquid egg whites in the carton.

Well, last month my wife and I decided to cut our cholesterol, so I bought a carton.

(According to the label, egg whites have zero cholesterol and zero fat. I guess it’s all in the yolk.)

I tried them.

They weren’t too bad.

But neither my wife or my son wanted to try them, for whatever reason. And since I shifted my diet preference away from animal products during this weight loss challenge, those egg whites just sat there for three weeks. 

Well, I finally decided to either throw them out or eat them myself. So I cooked up the rest of the carton today at lunch and made four sandwiches. I was so stuffed. I even pushed dinner back a couple hours and ate only a half sized dinner.

But, I stuck to my diet rule today.

3 meals and 0 snacks!

I think this week’s final weigh-in is going to be a good one.

DAY 41: Wednesday 12/30/20


  • Weight: 317 lbs
  • Steps: 5,179




  • Breakfast: ½ cup oatmeal w/ 3 strawberries and pb powder
  • Lunch: 2 cucumber sandwiches + pumpkin mousse w/ whip cream
  • Dinner: 1 bagel + ½ can cream corn + rice
  • Late night binge: 6 chicken wings + 1 egg mcmuffin + 3 cookies
  • Drinks: 3 water + 3 coffee/ovaltine + 1 diet root beer



It’s the night before my final weigh-in of this 6-week challenge.

I’ve been hanging at 317 lbs for a couple days now and am poised to drop another pound or two by tomorrow morning (I think…based on previous weight fluctuation patterns).

And then I blow it right before bed and chow down on chicken wings, leftover McDonald’s and cookies?

I couldn’t just wait til AFTER tomorrow morning’s weigh in to blow my diet?



We’ll see how the last weigh-in goes in the morning.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and NOT gain back the seven pounds I lost over these past six weeks.

DAY 42: Thursday 12/31/2020


  • Weight: 315 lbs
  • Steps: 1,679




  • Breakfast: oatmeal + pb powder + 3 strawberries
  • Lunch: 2 avocado/cheese flatbread sandwiches + 1 cookie w/ pumpkin mousse and whipped cream
  • Dinner: pasta w/ spaghetti sauce + 2 mini pizzas
  • Night Binge: 1 bag popcorn + 1 chicken burrito + handful mixed nuts + 1 slice angel food cake
  • Drinks: 5 water + 2 coffee + 1 diet root beer + 2 momok (DWM) + 1 boozy coffee


Okay, well…after last night’s grindfest, I’m ecstatic about this morning’s weigh-in – especially since it’s THE FINAL WEIGH-IN of this 6-week weight loss challenge.

I loosened up a bit on my diet today and had a pretty high-fat, high-calorie lunch and pizza for dinner.

And since I didn’t even have to use my AK, I gotta say it was a good day.

UPDATE: Yeah, okay. So after dinner, I decided to just let ‘er rip and take in as much “off-limits” foods as I wanted.

I chowed down on a whole bag of microwave popcorn and a few bites of random whatever that was lying out on the kitchen counter, then followed that up with a chicken burrito.

Then I realized I wasted my time on those and should have eaten a whole box of mac and cheese. But my mouth was too salted out to indulge at this point.

Then I decided to ring in the New Year and poured me a momok (dirty white mother AKA mother’s milk AKA momok).

And then another.

Then another.


Plus a boozy coffee BECAUSE BECAUSE.



WEEK 6 - 2020 weight loss challenge

My stats for WEEK 6…

  • Last week’s weight: 319 lbs
  • Current weight: 315 lbs
  • Weight lost this week: -4 lbs
  • Total steps this week: 14,987
  • Daily average for this week: 2,141


  • Original starting weight: 324 lbs
  • Ending weight: 315 lbs
  • Total weight lost in this challenge: -9 lbs
  • Total steps for this challenge: 122,086
  • Daily average for this challenge: 2,906

IT’S OFFICIAL: I lost 9 lbs in 6 weeks.

I didn’t get anywhere near my original goal of losing 25 lbs, but considering that I was gaining weight all frickin year long (from a low of 302 to a high of 329), I’m happy with losing 9 lbs (and a total of 14 lbs lost since my 329 lb peak).

And most of all, it’s my hope that I laid some groundwork for next year.

Hopefully, these last six weeks will be something of a runway for me to pick up some speed and momentum as I launch into 2021.

See ya in 2021!

UPDATE: Okay…I fell behind and now it’s already 2021.


6-Week Weight Loss Challenge 2020 (Links to Updates)

Intro: 324 lbs

Week 1: 327 lbs (+3 lbs)

Week 2: 321 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 3: 326 lbs (+5 lbs)

Week 4: 320 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 5: 319 lbs  (-1 lb)

Week 6: 315 lbs (-4 lbs)


NET LOSS: 9 lbs lost

5 Comments on “It’s Over – Week 6 | Weight Loss Challenge 2020

  1. 9 pounds is still 9 pounds. I think I gained mine back. lol.

    But, now the boy thinks he can lose more than I in January. And he’s been riding me all week about it. So, I’m going to put the little punk in his place. I’ve lost 20 in a month before…time to do it again.

    Anyway, don’t feel to upset. Like I said, 9 pounds is still 9 pounds. They are steps in the right direction. Just don’t lose your momentum and keep it going.

  2. Keep that mind strong Chris. Our body completely reflects our mental state, in terms of our clarity on health and wellness. You are still getting there. Keep on keeping on bro. Slow and steady changes over the long haul lead to dramatic results over months and years.


  3. Uh oh.

    Sounds like the LEARNER wants to become the MASTER lol.

    But what happens if you BOTH lose 20 lbs this month? Rock, paper, scissors?

  4. So true, Ryan. If I were to duplicate these results every six weeks, that would be like 75 lbs in a year. But whatever amount it works out to, this is going to be a good year for me. Thanks for dropping by.