Setting Goals Is Not Enough

Setting Goals Is Not Enough

Hey guys,

I just spent the last couple hours:

  • digging around for that pack of index cards (that I knew was hiding SOMEWHERE)
  • cutting them in half for pocket-sized perfection
  • writing on them my 11 new daily habits for weight loss and also…
  • …writing on them my 6 weight loss rules (to support the new weight loss habits)

PHOTO: habits note cards

But that wasn’t all.

I also:

  • Wrote out the four strength training routines that I will be using (they’re short and sweet)
  • Found a free stretching routine app on my iPhone
  • Scheduled in my daily planner EXACTLY what I intend to eat and drink tomorrow
  • Wrote down (planner) the weight loss videos I would watch during meals tomorrow and…
  • …wrote down the podcast I would listen to while power walking in the morning
  • Wrote and taped a giant 8.5” x 11” note (in Sharpie) on fridge reminding me of my weight loss rules and habits and my meal plan for tomorrow

PHOTO: today's meal list posted on fridge

Which likely prompts you, the reader of my blog, to ask three questions:

  1. Why is Chris Desatoff so fricking weird all the time?
  2. Does all that self-help crap above serve a purpose?
  3. Why didn’t you do all that stuff last week to help you during WEEK 1?

In answer to Question #1, all I can say is “I dunno. I’m just weird like that.”

But to answer Question #2…yes, there is a purpose and a reason why I’m doing this weird stuff.

And the reason is…

Setting Goals Is Not Enough for Weight Loss

The first week of my 6-week weight loss challenge did not go as planned.

Sure, I set my weight loss goal to lose 25 lbs and get down to 299 lbs by the end of 2020.

I came up with some habits that should get me there in those 42 days.

And I came up with some rules that should help me stick to the new habits.

But the execution sucked. I barely did any of it. And as a result, I actually ended the week two pounds heavier than when I started.

Not cool.

But I’m not pissed at myself or anything tho.

In fact, I am a little proud of myself for all the walking I did. It wasn’t enough to make up for all the late-night binge eating that took place. But I walked more last week than I would have walked otherwise. That’s good.

And I did manage to skip snacks in between meals on most days. I even did good on Thanksgiving. But it was the MINDLESS NIGHT-TIME BINGEFESTS that killed me.

So WEEK 1 turned out to be a decent warmup for the next five weeks. Let’s look at it like that.

Anyway, it’s time to turn up the heat a little bit in WEEK 2 and get more serious. Setting goals and thinking up some ideas for habits was a good start. But setting goals is not enough to lose the weight.

Setting goals gives you the target to shoot for. But you will need new daily habits in order to reach those goals. And you will need to come up with new rules that will help you develop those new habits and stick to the plan.

I need to burn those rules into my brain to help me lock in these new diet and exercise habits. And I need to build my self-discipline and motivation to help me push through the resistance and DO THE DAMN WORK.

So hopefully the tools I created today and the steps I took to engineer my environment will help me get on track to lose 25 lbs (now 27 lbs, actually) in the next five weeks.


6-Week Weight Loss Challenge 2020 – RESULTS

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Oh yeah.

The answer to Question #3?

I just forgot, that’s all. At least I’m doing it this week =)

5 Comments on “Setting Goals Is Not Enough

  1. We’re so bad at this lol.

    Ah well…changing habits doesn’t always happen overnight. Just need to keep hammering away at it. One day at a time.

  2. Good to see you’ve set up your plan and you are diving in. Per your comment above; changing habits does not happen overnight at all because we’ve quite a bit of energetic momentum to overcome. Often, years of being a certain way. Slow and steady changes along with a healthy dose of forgiveness when we come up short creates long term habit shifts. Good job Chris. Keep it up!


  3. Hey, thanks Ryan!

    So true about changing habits. I spent years conditioning myself to eat when I’m not hungry – for “other” reasons. That’s not going away in an instant. And I like that part about forgiveness – so important. So necessary.

    Thanks for stopping by and reading. I appreciate the feedback and support.