Should We Copy Centenarian Health Habits and Routines?

So I had a random thought today about centenarians – about people who live 100 years or longer.

I was thinking about longevity and wondering whether I should look into it more and adapt some new healthy habits to improve my health to help me live longer.

Because who wants to die sooner than they have to, right?

I imagine that if you want to live as long as possible, centenarians would be your first stop.

You would want to study the oldest people on the planet and see how they live. They must be doing it right.

If you want to learn how to live to age 100 or longer, should you do what centenarians do?

Maybe Not

That’s when I had my random thought.

What if centenarians might not be the best role models for longevity tips? What if they are a glitch or an exception, rather than the rule?

Think about it.

When you visit the doctor’s office and fill out one of those questionnaires, what do they always ask about?

They want to know about not only your own medical history, but they also want to know about your family’s medical history.


Because genetics is one of the biggest factors that affects whether you die prematurely from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc – or whether you live to a ripe old age (like, say, idk…100 years old).

We tend to assume that the reason that centenarians live to age 100 and up is because they must live really healthy lifestyles that lead to longevity.

But what if the main reason they live that long is actually because they are genetically predisposed to live longer?

What if some people live to 100 in spite of their daily habits and lifestyle choices rather than because of them?

Longevity for the Rest of Us

So maybe if we want to live as long as possible – perhaps even to become centenarians ourselves – maybe we shouldn’t focus exclusively on people who might have an unfair genetic advantage.

Maybe instead we should look to the mere mortals who “only” live to age 70, 80 or 90.

Maybe those folks actually have much healthier longevity habits than centenarians.

Maybe following their longevity tips might actually help us live longer than if we were to copy the daily habits of centenarians.

What do you think?

3 Comments on “Should We Copy Centenarian Health Habits and Routines?

  1. Unfortunately, us immortals can’t help you with this dilemma. 😉

    Seriously, though, genetics plays a massive role in everything. The best anyone can truly hope for is to do their best to prolong their life. DNA is a crap shoot, but there’s nothing wrong with hedging your bets.

  2. I’m slowly starting to realize we just keep going…..and going…..and going….like the Energizer Bunny, LOL. A blip of the going involves allegedly living inside of a human body but then we leave the body of a human and….keep going. Extending the longevity of that human body seems to be a different experience for all. Some 100 year olds smoke, others walk. Some 100 year olds drink, others meditate often. Everything seems to hinge on listening to the intuition and getting clear on our journey and how it is intended to be. Interesting post here Chris.


  3. Yes, it is definitely a different experience for all.

    As for this Energizer bunny, I hope to keep hopping around in this body for as many years as I can. And hopefully a little drinkie here and a little smokie there won’t hurt too much lol. Thanks for hopping by, Ryan =)