Thanksgiving Weight Gain Isn’t the End of the World

Thanksgiving Weight Gain Isn’t the End of the World

So here in the US, a lot of us celebrated our Thanksgiving holiday just last Thursday. And for a lot of us, gaining weight over Thanksgiving was inevitable.

All across the country, Americans were gathering with family members and friends and enjoying traditional Thanksgiving meals like roasted turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, candied yams, green bean casseroles and a whole bunch of other yummy dishes. Then to top it all off, pumpkin pies and all kinds of other sweets and desserts.

And those are just the standard Thanksgiving foods. A lot of American families also enjoyed traditional foods linked to their family’s heritage and cultures outside the USA.

So what was your Thanksgiving dinner like?

Everybody Has a Plan

For those of you watching your weight or trying to make healthier food choices, how did you do last week? Did you make a holiday weight loss plan and stick to it?

For me, I had an eating plan for Thanksgiving Day.

I was going to eat all the same foods that everyone else in the room was eating, but I was only going to have a few bites of each dish. That way my total meal size would be modest and my calorie count would probably be under 1,000 calories, which is pretty good for a holiday dinner.

That was the plan.

But you know the saying from legendary boxing champ Mike Tyson,

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.

Well, we went over to my son’s and his girlfriend’s home, and I got punched in the face with a whole bunch of yummy goodness the instant I sat down for dinner. So much for portion control.

It was really good and totally worth it, but the fight wasn’t over so soon. Those Thanksgiving leftovers were on point, and I ended up eating all of the foods listed above for seven days straight.

No kidding.

I tried to keep my portion sizes reasonable tho, and I succeeded for the most part.

But my problem was that on several days I ate way more than just the standard three meal portions a day.

While there were a lot of up and down weight fluctuations from day to day this past week, as of this writing I am ONLY up two pounds since Thanksgiving. That’s obviously not a victory in any way, but it could have been much worse (dude, earlier this month I gained 16 lbs in 6 days, but that’s a story for another day).

It’s Over – Moving On

Anyway, my point is that I ate a bunch of food, as expected, but Thanksgiving is over. Now it’s time to get back on track and take some of that weight off as I start barreling toward Christmas and New Years.

I hope you managed to keep your Thanksgiving week from spiraling out of control.

But even if you overate like I did – and like so many other Americans did this week, no doubt – that’s all in the rear view mirror now. Let’s move on and get right back on track with lighter meals, healthier food choices and a bit more exercise.

It only takes one meal to get right back on track.

And I’ve already got a good head start.

For me, that means getting back to my usual small bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with a handful of raisins and a spoonful of peanut butter powder. I already did that the last couple of days. Then lunches are either salad or sandwich with a modest dinner and no snacks in between meals. That’s pretty much what I did this time last year to take off about 10 lbs, and I expect similar results this time around too.

So Thanksgiving is over now, and my weight is already coming right back down again.

thanksgiving weight gain

Okay, your turn.

What are you gonna do for the next few weeks to keep holiday weight gain in check? I’d suggest making a plan – any plan – and sticking to it the best you can.

And if you blow it here and there, that’s okay. Just hit the reset button the next morning and go right back to the plan. Whatever you do, don’t let a single cheat meal lead to binge eating for days and days.

Happy Holidays!