Week 1 – 2020 Weight Loss Challenge (25 lbs in 6 weeks)

Week 1 – 2020 Weight Loss Challenge (25 lbs in 6 weeks)

Last Friday I started a new weight loss challenge, along with my blogging buddy Michael Brockbank of CrossingColorado.com. With exactly 42 days left in 2020 (6 weeks exactly), he decided to drop some pounds to reach his goal weight before New Year. And I decided to join him, with the goal of getting under 300 lbs (25 pounds weight loss goal, for me).

Here’s what happened in Week 1…

Week 1: 2020 weight loss challenge

DAY 1: Friday 11/20/2020


  • Weight: 324 lbs
  • Steps: 3,868


Quick, easy DB circuit using one 30-lb DB (took less than 4 minutes)

  1. Shoulder press 1×15
  2. Triceps extension 1×15
  3. Bent over row 1×15
  4. Upright row 1×15
  5. Bodyweight squat 1×15


  • Breakfast: 1 can cream corn with French bread
  • Lunch: 1 can chili with white rice
  • Dinner: 4 chicken wings + 2 slices bread + garlic parmesan sauce
  • Snacks: 9 crackers + guac dip + 1 street taco (asada?) + 1 pbj tortilla
  • Drinks: water + 1 coffee + 1 soda


Day 1 started out strong, or so I thought. But within minutes of finishing my walk and DB workout, things fell apart quickly. I wrote a blog post about it – but the short version is that I’m a fat, sedentary, middle aged male who is very out of shape and needs to gradually ease into this.

Also: forgot to take pictures of most of the food I ate. Oh well.

On a side note, my blog had a nice little bump in traffic today: 80+ extra page views (vs. the usual 5-10 or less a day) within a 10-minute span of time. Thought it was a glitch at first. Then thought maybe it was bots or something crawling the site.

But as I watched the stats update every time I refreshed the page, I realized it was multiple visitors. All to my home page. But none (or almost none) clicked on any posts to read. Weird. They just hit and took off like those creatures in A Quiet Place.

Maybe Reddit lol, who knows.

My blog stats are very limited, so I have no idea where they were coming from. Oh well, no biggie.

So if any of you are new subs/readers this week – hi!

DAY 2: Saturday 11/21/2020


  • Weight: 324 lbs
  • Steps: 6,575


Just did 3 sets while leaning back in my office chair using pair of 25-lb DBs. Slow and tight.

  1. Incline bench press 3×10


  • Breakfast: 2 breakfast burritos (sausage, egg white, hash brown, cheese)
  • Lunch: spicy chicken bowl (chicken, white rice, veggies)
  • Dinner: creole macaroni (mac + ground beef + cheese + veggies + sauce)
  • Snacks: 2 handfulls mixed nuts + 3 saltine crackers
  • Drinks: water + 1 ice tea + 1 coffee + 3 Jack and Coke


Having learned my lesson from yesterday morning, for Day 2 I decided to postpone my morning coffee until after my walk and workout, to eat more fat and protein with my carbs at breakfast to slow down absorption, to take my walk a little slower and then do straight DB sets with rest between rather than fast-paced circuit training.

Zero light-headedness today. Zero anxiety attacks (or whatever that was yesterday).

Plenty of achy muscles throughout the day, though.


I gotta say it was a good day.

Also: forgot to take photo of dinner. But I remembered breakfast and lunch, so there.

UPDATE: Well, crap. It’s half past midnighjt. I’m a little drunk. And I just scarfred down 2 handfuls of mixed nuts and 3 saltine crackers. Okay. Time to go to bed.

UPDATE: Nope. Stayed up a couple more hours to write a blog post and draw the thumbnail sketch to go with it.

DAY 3: SUNDAY 11/22/2020


  • Weight: 326 lbs
  • Steps: 2,512


Just did a quick set of alternate dumbbell curls with 25-lb DBs. Partial reps only for left arm, since I have a nagging tendon/ligament injury from last year that still hurts.

  1. DB curls 1×10


  • Breakfast: 2 creole mac burritos
  • Lunch: Pollo Loco chicken bowl + 2 flour tortillas
  • Dinner: Banh mi pork sandwich + 1 spring roll
  • Snacks: (none)
  • Drinks: water + 1 large soda + 1 cup coffee + 1 Bailey’s Irish coffee


Got up early – feeling half asleep and half dead. Drove my son to work then crawled back in bed for a couple more hours.

Then spent the whole day running errands and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Didn’t get much blogging work done other than a little social media here and there. Didn’t get in my walk either. But I did some curls at night before bed, just so it wasn’t a total loss.

Sometimes the day gets away from you. And sometimes you need to catch up on sleep too. And sometimes family stuff takes priority. But tomorrow should have a little more structure, so hopefully I’ll get some work done and get in my workout and walking.

DAY 4: Monday 11/23/20


  • Weight: 324 lbs
  • Steps: 8,404


Just walking and stretching today.


  • Breakfast: 1 can chili + cheese + white rice
  • Lunch: Popeye’s chicken sandwich + cajun fries
  • Dinner: Halibut + zucchini + wild rice
  • Snacks: handful of cashews
  • Drinks: water + 1 large sweet tea + 3 cups coffee


We had some more errands to do today after my wife finished work, so that added plenty of extra steps on top of my 4,000 steps at the park this morning. Decided to skip the weights and calisthenics and just stretch, as my whole body is still pretty stiff lately.

Almost went the whole day without snacking, but blew it late at night. Overall, seemed like a good day.

DAY 5: Tuesday 11/24/20


  • Weight: 326 lbs
  • Steps: 5,759


2 circuits: 25-lb DBs. 10 reps. 30 sec between exercises. 3 min between circuits.

  1. DB shoulder press
  2. DB incline bench
  3. DB upright row
  4. DB shrugs


  • Breakfast: 2 creole mac burritos
  • Lunch: 2 chili cheese + rice pan-fried chimichangas
  • Dinner: 1 turkey + cheese wrap + 1 pbj wrap
  • Snacks: (none)
  • Drinks: water + 1 small iced tea + 1 coffee


After my walk in the morning, I was going to sit at a coffee shop and write. Instead, I fell asleep in the car and just slept all frickin day long (okay, like 4 hours. But still, tho).

Then one last trip to IKEA to grab one last thing for Thanksgiving.

Had a good walk in the morning tho. And a decent chest/shoulder DB workout at night. Felt good.

Oh! And I didn’t snack between meals. So this was possibly my best day so far this week, at least as far as dieting and exercising goes.

DAY 6: Wednesday 11/25/20


  • Weight: 324 lbs
  • Steps: 7,520


Does carrying 2 cases of bottled water in from the car count?

It was the 32-pack.

So yeah.

I’m gonna say it counts.


  • Breakfast: 1 can Progresso lentil soup + white rice
  • Lunch: 2 turkey + cheese wraps
  • Dinner: Raising Cane’s 3 chicken strips + fries + 1 Texas toast
  • Snacks: started with ½ a chicken…I lost track after that o.0
  • Drinks: water + 1 cup coffee + 1 large sweet tea + 3 Jack n Coke


I think I’m doing pretty good with going for a walk every morning. I only skipped it once this week, telling myself that I’d do it later in the day (never happened). But I’m getting used to it now.

You know that conversation you have in your head where you’re supposed to go exercise but your brain is also trying to talk you out of it? – I’m not having that monologue very often now.

So hopefully it will continue to fade into the background and disappear completely.

Still snacking though. Mostly at night, several hours after dinner.

DAY 7: Thursday 11/26/20 – Thanksgiving Day


  • Weight: 327 lbs
  • Steps: 1,956


  1. DB shoulder press 3×15 with 25-lb DBs


  • Breakfast: 3 ham sliders + potato salad + 2 bites pastry
  • Lunch: (zero…make room for turkey, baby…)
  • Dinner: turkey + gravy + rice + stuffing + mash potatoes + cornbread + pumpkin pie
  • Snacks: (nope)
  • Drinks: water + 1 cup coffee + 2 iced tea + 1 hot cocoa


Well, depending on who you talked to, you might have thought that this was going to be the worst Thanksgiving in history. And for some, unfortunately, I suppose it literally was. But I had a good time. My son and his gf cooked their first turkey (plus almost everything else on the menu), and everything was delicious.

I wisely skipped lunch today. And while I did eat a full dinner, I didn’t pile my plate high or anything. It was a good day of eating. Ironically, this might be my lowest calorie day of the whole week.

As long as I don’t blow it and binge late at night after typing this.


So, here’s how my first week went…

  • Starting weight: 324 lbs
  • Ending weight: 327 lbs***
  • Weight gained: 3 lbs
  • Total steps: 36,594
  • Daily average: 5,227 steps per day

Well, I never set out to GAIN weight. So obviously, that’s not encouraging to see my weight go up by three pounds. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s not horrible. I can take those right off – if I make the changes I need to make in my eating behavior.

I’m actually pleased that I went for a walk almost every day this week. And while I was walking a little bit earlier this month, the walks were longer (on average) this week than in previous weeks. So I racked up a lot of steps this week.

No doubt, those steps helped me burn calories. But even with those walks AND the little bit of dumbbell and calisthenics workouts that I added in after my walks this week – the exercise I did was NO MATCH for all those extra calories I scarfed down in between meals.

I especially had a rough time at night.

I obviously wasn’t hungry. It was just stress eating. Mindlessly shoveling down food when I was supposed to be busy writing or doing something productive. So I need to keep working on that.

So overall, despite the number on the scale – I’m happy with the progress I did make this week regarding walking and working out. I’ve attempted to change my habits enough times over the years to know that it will take time to lock in permanent changes.

Now, on to WEEK 2!!!

*** When I first typed up this post, I accidentally recorded my ending weight (Thursday 11/26) as 326 lbs, but it was actually 327. I guess my mind latched onto the date (it was the 26th), even though my health app showed I was at 327. I didn’t catch this error until three weeks later, so my Week 2 blog post was “off” by one pound as well. I’ve now gone back and corrected the numbers. Overall, no biggie.

6-Week Weight Loss Challenge 2020 – MY RESULTS

Intro: 324 lbs

Week 1: 327 lbs (+3 lbs)

Week 2: 321 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 3: 326 lbs (+5 lbs)

Week 4: 320 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 5: 319 lbs (-2 lb)

Week 6 update

3 Comments on “Week 1 – 2020 Weight Loss Challenge (25 lbs in 6 weeks)

  1. I know how that goes. Stress eating at night is a killer on me. And after all is said and done, I think you’ve done far more than I have this week. I think what I need to do is plan out my days better…at least for eating and working out.

    But, I’m glad your sticking with it. We got this!

  2. Dude, we totally got it.

    One thing that has helped me TONS is meal prep. I knew for years ALL ABOUT meal prep from the bodybuilding community, youtubers etc. — but I never actually did it. \

    Then one day I sat down and asked myself, “SELF, why are you not meal prepping like the other guys do? What is ONE THING you can do to make it easier to do?”

    And then it hit me…I have no freaking containers.

    So I went out to Target and bought some microwave safe glass containers with lockdown lids – the perfect size for a small meal – and now meal prep is easy peasy.

    Sometimes there’s just one little speed bump, one little bottleneck that is jamming up the whole process. Maybe you can find one little roadblock to remove that will make everything start flowing again without requiring tons of willpower.

    I know from one of your blog posts that you already have containers. So maybe something else.

    Are they all clean? Are they laid out on the counter, ready to be used? Do you need a large pot or a trip to the grocery store to buy stuff to make in your crock pot or whatever? Maybe one little action can give you some momentum.

    Anyway, you’ve already come so far. You know what to do. Just gotta set things in motion and the rest will take care of itself.

    Good luck!

    Looking forward to your next weight loss update.