Week 2 – I Lost 3 Pounds! (Weight Loss Challenge 2020)

Week 2 – I Lost 3 Pounds! (Weight Loss Challenge 2020)

A couple weeks ago, on Friday 11/20/20, I started a new weight loss challenge, along with my blogging buddy Michael Brockbank of CrossingColorado.com.

With exactly 42 days left in 2020 (6 weeks exactly), he decided to drop some pounds to reach his goal weight before New Year. And I decided to join him, with my goal of getting under 300 lbs (25 pounds weight loss goal, for me).

Here’s what happened in Week #2…

DAY 8: Friday 11/27/20


  • Weight: 323 lbs
  • Steps: 968




  • Breakfast: rice + stuffing + mash potato + gravy + green bean casserole
  • Lunch: 2 pbb burritos + cornbread w/ butter
  • Dinner: chicken soup + rice
  • Snacks: ham + pineapple burrito + rice w/ gravy + popcorn
  • Drinks: water + 1 coffee + 1 green tea latte


Skipped my walk.

Skipped my workout.

Ate a lot of food.


DAY 9: Saturday 11/28/20


  • Weight: 325 lbs
  • Steps: 1,739




  • Breakfast: 2 packets oatmeal + cranberries
  • Lunch: 2 Thanksgiving burritos (leftover turkey + green bean casserole)
  • Dinner: ¼ pounder with cheese + a few fries
  • Snacks: 1 biscuit
  • Drinks: water + 1 green tea latte + 2 cups coffee


Pretty much the same as yesterday.

This is not good.

DAY 10: Sunday 11/29/20


  • Weight: 324 lbs
  • Steps: 1,253


  • Upright rows – 1×50 2-handed on a single 25-lb DB


  • Breakfast:
  • Lunch:
  • Dinner:
  • Snacks:
  • Drinks:


Really running out of steam. Low on motivation. Or just feeling frustrated and blah.

No walk.

No workouts.

I didn’t record my meals.

I’m pretty much blowing everything off at this point – and hating myself every step of the way. Cussing myself out every time I eat another meal, another snack, another bite of food outside my 3 allowed meals.

Stayed up all night watching Thor movies on Disney+.

DAY 11: Monday 11/30/20


  • Weight: 325 lbs
  • Steps: 2,733


  • DB shoulder press – 5×10 w/ 25-lb DBs


  • Breakfast: chili + cornbread
  • Lunch: 2 turkey + cheese sandwiches
  • Dinner: chili + rice
  • Snacks: chili + rice, crackers + hummus, cashews
  • Drinks: water + 3 coffees + 1 green tea latte


Trying to pull out of this nosedive before I completely crash and burn.

Still feeling unmotivated. No, actually, not UNmotivated…just…feeling frustrated. Tired. Blah.

Skipped my walk again. Fortunately, we ran some errands today. So I picked up some extra steps while shopping.

But at least I did several sets of shoulder presses and recorded my meals.

And overall, my weight is hovering in the same range without really gaining (like it was prior to this weight loss challenge). So that’s a minor win in itself. But I still want to get that number going down.

DAY 12: Tuesday 12/01/20


  • Weight: 324 lbs
  • Steps: 1,609


  • Countertop pushups – 3×20


  • Breakfast: chicken soup + rice
  • Lunch: mash potato + gravy + stuffing + turkey + gb casserole
  • Dinner: chili + rice + cheese
  • Snacks: cheese + crackers
  • Drinks: water + 3 coffee



No walk again today.

DAY 13: Wednesday 12/02/20


  • Weight: 327 lbs
  • Steps: 1,769




  • Breakfast: chili + rice + cheese
  • Lunch: pancit (fried noodles)
  • Dinner: chili + rice
  • Snacks: 2 bites of Jack’s Spicy Chicken sandwich
  • Drinks: water + 1 Coke + 1 green tea latte


I really have not been in the mood to walk or work out or anything. Kinda sucks. Not that it should depend on my mood anyway, because it shouldn’t.

I really need to build some self-discipline here.

I did have a couple bites of my wife’s sandwich in between meals. But other than that I actually did really good on eating today.

DAY 14: Thursday 12/03/20


  • Weight: 321 lbs
  • Steps:




  • Breakfast: pot roast + veggies + rice
  • Lunch: bean + rice burrito
  • Dinner: 4 chicken strips + 2 Texas toast + fries
  • Snacks: (none)
  • Drinks: water + 1 coffee + 1 sweet tea + 1 keoke coffee + 1 Jack and Coke


Had a pretty big weight drop (6 lbs) from yesterday morning to this morning. That was nice to see, even though I know it’s just fluids/waste and will be short-lived. But at least the needle’s moving in the right direction.

And…since this is the last day of the “week”, that makes 321 lbs my official weight for WEEK 2 (I count my Thursday weight as my official weigh-in for the week).


COMCIS: I lost 3 pounds


My stats for WEEK 2…

  • Last week’s weight: 327 lbs
  • Current weight: 321 lbs
  • Weight lost this week: 6 lbs
  • Total steps this week: 12,535 steps
  • Daily average for this week: 1,792 steps


  • Original starting weight: 324 lbs
  • Total weight lost in this challenge: 3 lbs
  • Total steps for this challenge: 49,168 steps
  • Daily average for this challenge: 3,512 steps

Okay, so I totally blew it this week in SO MANY WAYS.

I didn’t go walking at all this week. NOT ONCE.

I skipped workouts on most days.

I binged or at least “snacked” between meals on all days but one.

Well, actually on DAY 13 I almost stuck to the plan and only had 2 bites of a sandwich outside of my 3 meals. So that was like a 99% successful diet day.

And then I followed it up on DAY 14 by finally sticking to my 3-meals-and-no-snacks eating plan. I think that was actually the first time in 14 days that I stuck to the plan 100% for an entire day.

Hopefully that will carry over into next week, both in my eating habits and on the scale.

So despite DOING ALMOST EVERYTHING WRONG this week – I managed to lose six fricking pounds in the last 24 hours to give myself a net loss of 3 pounds in 2 weeks for the challenge so far. =D

Now…ON TO WEEK 3!!!

6-Week Weight Loss Challenge 2020 – MY RESULTS

Intro: 324 lbs

Week 1: 327 lbs (+3 lbs)

Week 2: 321 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 3 326 lbs (+5 lbs)

Week 4: 320 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 5: 319 lbs (-1 lb)

Week 6 update

3 Comments on “Week 2 – I Lost 3 Pounds! (Weight Loss Challenge 2020)

  1. I’m not sure I’ve lost anything, to be honest. It’s been a crappy week all around. But, that’s OK. We still have 4 weeks to do as much damage as possible. 🙂

  2. Oh no, lol. =)
    Well, life does that sometimes. Just keep looping back around to the plan.

    Eat a good breakfast.
    Portion control.
    Get in a walk.
    Do a little meal prep for the week.
    Take the kiddos out for a small ice cream or single serving snack every night instead of stocking up the freezer and pantry with junk, etc, etc.

    You’ll get it.
    Next weigh-in, that number on the scale is coming down.
    Just do what you did before when you lost 80+ lbs.