Week 3 – Weight Loss Challenge 2020

Week 3 – Weight Loss Challenge 2020

Back on Friday 11/20/20, I started a year-end weight loss challenge along with my blogging buddy Michael Brockbank of CrossingColorado.com.

Both of us are trying to lose about 25 lbs (I think he’s going for 26 lbs) in those 42 days. We are now three weeks in.

Here are my results for Week #3…

DAY 15: Friday 12/04/20


  • Weight: 322 lbs
  • Steps: 2,108


  • DB incline bench 1×20 (25-lb DBs)


  • Breakfast: Chili + rice
  • Lunch: 1 slice of pepperoni pizza
  • Dinner: ½ philly cheesesteak sandwich + 3 pieces of chicken + 2 mini tortillas
  • Snacks: 1 slice of pepperoni pizza + 3 mini chicken and corn tacos
  • Drinks: water + 3 coffees + 1 soda + 1 green tea latte


Still kind of the same thing as last week. I keep skipping my morning walks. Idk if that’s necessarily a bad thing, since my feet are enjoying the break from walking and my weight is barely impacted.

I mean, everything counts. But still…the walks weren’t doing much for me. I’m considering dropping them completely, so at least it won’t be an emotional drain every time I have to log down that I skipped my walk.

Diet-wise, I’m still doing good on not snacking during the day, but at night (after dinner) I tend to have “Dinner #2”. Although, come to think of it, if there is food out on the counter, I will sometimes just pop something in my mouth when I’m in the kitchen to refill my coffee (like that 2nd slice of pizza I ate today.

DAY 16: Saturday 12/05/20


  • Weight: 323 lbs

  • Steps: 1,520


  • DB bent over row 3×20 with 25-lb DBs


  • Breakfast: chili cheese mac

  • Lunch: chicken breast + 7 mini corn tortillas

  • Dinner: Snickers ice cream bar + 1 slice of cherry cake

  • Snacks: handful of pistachios

  • Drinks: water + 1 coffee + 1 soda


Well, I actually did pretty good today. The only thing I ate outside of my three meals was a handful of pistachios.

Eating ice cream and cake for dinner was okay, right?


DAY 17: Sunday 12/06/20


  • Weight: 324 lbs

  • Steps: 4,077


  • DB incline close-grip bench 5 x 30 (using a single 25-lb DB)

  • 2-handed DB overhead tricep extensions 3 x 30 (using a single 25-lb DB)

  • 2-handed DB shoulder press 4 x 30 (using a single 25-lb DB)


  • Breakfast: chili cheese mac

  • Lunch: 1 piece fried chicken + rice + corn

  • Dinner: 2 cucumber sandwiches

  • Snacks: 4 handfuls of pistachios throughout the day + few bites of ham

  • Drinks: water + 2 green tea latte + 3 Coke + 2 egg nog + 2 egg nog w/ brandy


Weight is slowly climbing after that big drop at the end of last week. So today’s weigh-in puts me right back where I started 2 ½ weeks ago – 234 lbs. That’s okay though. Overall, I’m making progress. The number on the scale will catch up soon.

I also noticed today that, even though I keep skipping my walks, I have been grabbing my dumbbells and at least doing a quick set or two. It helps to keep a pair of dumbbells right next to my desk, since I spend so much time here.

Hopefully I’ll start using them more and more.

As I’m wrapping up my night tho, I’m looking at my beverage consumption for the day. That’s gotta be 1,100+ calories right there. Shit lol. Gotta cut back on the liquid calories tomorrow.

ALSO: I hate to admit it, but TONIGHT I BINGED BIG TIME…on Biggest Loser videos. =)

DAY 18: Monday 12/07/20


  • Weight: 324 lbs

  • Steps: 889




  • Breakfast: pancit noodles

  • Lunch: rice + collard greens w/ ham

  • Dinner: 2 teriyaki burgers

  • Snacks: 17 pistachios + 17 potato chips + 5 bites cookie

  • Drinks: water + 1 coffee + 1 egg nog


Still eating too much =(

DAY 19: Tuesday 12/08/20


  • Weight: 325 lbs

  • Steps: 1,226




  • Breakfast: rice + collard greens w/ ham

  • Lunch: 2 tomato sandwich w/ hummus

  • Dinner: Popeyes chicken sandwich + fries + 1 chicken strip + 1 biscuit

  • Snacks:

  • Drinks: water + 1 sweet tea +


Still eating too much and still not “in the mood” to go for a walk.

DAY 20: Wednesday 12/09/20


  • Weight: 325 lbs

  • Steps: 1,931


  • 3 sets of DB incline bench (25’s)


(did not track…seriously struggling with motivation at this point)


Blah de FREAKIN blah.

DAY 21: Thursday 12/10/20


  • Weight: 326 lbs

  • Steps: 4,767




(did not track)


I did finally go for a walk again. But I was just feeling really blah the whole day. Didn’t even track my meals or update this doc until the next day.



My stats for WEEK 3…

  • Last week’s weight: 321 lbs

  • Current weight: 326 lbs

  • Weight lost this week: GAINED 5 lbs

  • Total steps this week: 16,513

  • Daily average for this week: 2,359 steps per day


  • Original starting weight: 324 lbs

  • Total weight lost in this challenge: GAINED 2 lbs

  • Total steps for this challenge: 65,681

  • Daily average for this challenge: 3,128 steps/day



So after losing three pounds, we gained it all back – plus a couple more.

On the bright side, OVERALL my weight is still trending downward, even though it doesn’t always look like it on the days I weigh in (Thursdays).

I’m still within striking distance and could potentially lose 25 lbs in these last three weeks (actually 27 lbs now, but who’s counting?).

But then I’d have to do it BIGGEST LOSER style:

  • dropping 9 lbs per week

  • devoting 4-6 hours per day to intense exercise

  • risking injury and potential liver damage from rapid weight loss

  • while dieting HARD and struggling with HUNGER all fricking day long


Okay I’ll consider it =D

6-Week Weight Loss Challenge 2020 – MY RESULTS

Intro: 324 lbs

Week 1: 327 lbs (+3 lbs)

Week 2: 321 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 3 326 lbs (+5 lbs)

Week 4: 320 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 5: 319 lbs (-1 lb)

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