Week 5 – Weight Loss Challenge 2020

Week 5 – Weight Loss Challenge 2020

We’re now five weeks into my year-end weight loss challenge. I weighed in last week at 320 lbs. So now let’s see what happened in Week 5.

DAY 29: Friday 12/18/20


  • Weight: 319 lbs
  • Steps: 2,248




  • Breakfast: 1 packet oatmeal w/ craisins and pb powder
  • Lunch: black tantan ramen w/ tofu, veggies and extra noodles
  • Dinner: 2 bagels + 1 pbj sandwich
  • Snack: 2 slices of late-night pepperoni/sausage pizza (100% my wife’s fault, not mine)
  • Drinks: 3 water + 1 coffee + 1 Coke + 1 dirty white mother


Well, I’m starting this week off with some little injuries leftover from last week.

First, the soles of my feet are hurting pretty bad from yesterday’s walk. It was only about 5,300 steps or so, but at 319 lbs, that’s plenty for me. It feels like I might get some blisters on my left foot and toes. But we’ll see.

I guess it gives me an excuse to skip my walks for a few days, since I’m limping now (shh…don’t tell Goggins…) =D

Also, I woke up a few times last night with a throbbing pain in my right elbow. It would pulse for about 5-10 seconds, and then the pain would be completely gone. I’ve never felt anything like this before.

It started up again later today. Intense throbbing pain for 10 seconds, then nothing. Gone. That happened at least 10 times throughout the day.

I have no idea what I did to make this happen, since I’ve mostly been skipping my workouts. My last dumbbell workout was several days ago. I only did 5 light sets of incline bench press – 12 reps each using 25 pounders. That’s light, barely warmup weights, man. So idk if it was that or something else. I can’t think of anything else tho.

Just getting old, I guess lol.

Diet today was just about perfect for this point in my journey.

3 meals, 0 snacks, only 1 coffee and 1 coke.

But then I had a cocktail made with half and half. That was stupid. Must be a million calories in there (okay probably 300-400). Should have used coconut milk like I did last night (or just skipped it altogether).

I don’t drink much or drink often, but I might just drop the booze completely for these last two weeks of this challenge. I don’t need those extra calories. And I still have a shot at coming in under 300 lbs by New Year’s.

UPDATE: F*ckin pizza, mans.

DAY 30: Saturday 12/19/20


  • Weight: 321
  • Steps: 2,707




  • Breakfast: 1 packet oatmeal + 1 banana + pb powder
  • Lunch: 2 cucumber sandwiches + 1 apple w/ pb powder + 1 mandarin orange
  • Dinner: 2 bowls of rice w/ vegetables
  • Snack: (NONE)
  • Drinks: 3 water + 1 coffee + 2 diet root beer


Feet are still healing from last Thursday, so you know…no walk today. Bummer. I was planning on walking 30,000 steps today. Oh well. Can’t. No choice.

3 MEALS + 0 SNACKS !!!

DAY 31: Sunday 12/20/20


  • Weight: 320 lbs
  • Steps: 1,755




  • Breakfast: big bowl Honeynut Cheerios w/ coconut milk
  • Lunch: 2 cucumber sandwiches + 1 apple w/ pb powder
  • Dinner: ¼ Pounder Deluxe w/ fries + 11 chicken nuggets
  • Snack: (NONE)
  • Drinks: 4 water + 1 diet coke


3 MEALS + 0 SNACKS (again!)

Tho I did splurge last night at McDonalds. But even with that, I managed to lose a pound. I’m not sure if it will reflect in tomorrow’s weigh-in or if it’s just not going to have much effect due to the rest of my diet.

This was also the first day in AGES that I did not drink any coffee. I didn’t set out to quit drinking coffee. But I am moving toward a diet that is high carb, low fat and relatively low protein and is mostly plant based. So I’m on the wall about coffee.

I love my coffee when it comes with half and half and either sugar or honey. But without the H&H, idk. I used to enjoy “non-dairy” creamers like CoffeeMate, but the last few years my palate has started rejecting them. Nowadays, they just taste like chemicals to me, and I end up dumping my coffee after a few sips.

I never took to soy or plant-based creamers, but I might try again. But for now, I didn’t really miss my coffee at all. Maybe I’ll look for something else as a substitute.

DAY 32: Monday 12/21/20


  • Weight: 319 lbs
  • Steps: 5,874




  • Breakfast: 1 packet oatmeal + 1 banana + pb powder
  • Lunch: 1 bagel + rice + corn + lots of veggies
  • Dinner: rice and corn + 1 piece chicken + 1 bite chocolate dipped in pb
  • Snack: fries w/ cheese
  • Drinks: 3 water + 1 green tea latte + 2 diet root beer


Ah, dammit. I was hoping to nail my diet three days in a row, but those french fries were too hard to resist this time.

DAY 33: Tuesday 12/22/20


  • Weight: 319 lbs
  • Steps: 1,261




  • Breakfast: 1 packet oatmeal + 1 banana + pb powder
  • Lunch: 1 black bean crunchwrap + 1 grilled cheese burrito
  • Dinner: 2 cucumber sandwiches
  • Snack: 1 bagel + 3 late-night corn/rice burritos
  • Drinks: 5 water + 2 diet root beer + 1 mountain dew


Not much to say about today.

I seem to be losing weight okay just by focusing on my diet, with little or no exercise on most days. Even with me snacking a little here and there (or binging on late-night corn and rice burritos), I’m still losing weight overall. Not as much as I COULD be losing, but it’s going down week by week.

And it’s at the point now where I feel like just rolling with it and seeing how much weight I can lose without exercise – just by diet alone. That way when my weight loss begins to stall, I can start adding in a little exercise to get things going again.

But if I’m going all-out from the beginning and my progress stalls – then I’m kinda screwed. Where do you go from there, when you’re already giving it everything you’ve got and you start bonking?

Idk, so that’s what I was thinking. I might as well ride this out and see how much weight I can lose just by staying the course.

If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it =)

DAY 34: Wednesday 12/23/20


  • Weight: 318 lbs
  • Steps: 39


Maybe 10 or 12 reps each of front raises and lateral raises using 5 lb dumbbells.


  • Breakfast: 1 packet oatmeal + craisins + pb powder
  • Lunch: 1 can chicken pasta soup + rice + 2 slices bread
  • Dinner: 5 slices bread w/ spaghetti sauce + 1 bagel
  • Late-night binge: macadamia nuts + 1 cookie + 1 whole frickin box of mac n cheese
  • Drinks: 6 water + 1 diet root beer + 1 coffee


Even with yesterday’s Taco Bell run at lunch followed by my late-night burrito fest, my weight still came down a pound. I know that trend won’t last forever, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

UPDATE: and then last night happened. It was a sh*tty day, and I felt sh*tty all day and all night. I tried eating a filling dinner to help me avoid a late night binge, but it didn’t work. It was just one of those “f*ck it” kind of nights, and I pigged out on snacks and then ate an entire box of macaroni and cheese. So I basically screwed myself for tomorrow morning’s weigh-in. At least I drank plenty of water. Maybe that’ll help flush everything along.

DAY 28: Thursday 12/24/20


  • Weight: 319 lbs
  • Steps: 1,563




  • Breakfast: 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • Lunch: 1 can progresso soup w/ 3 slices bread + 1 bagel
  • Dinner: 1 can beef tamales + 1 can chili
  • Snack: handful of mini rice cakes + 1 pack nori strips
  • Drinks: 4 water + 1 diet root beer + 1 green tea latte


I’m surprised that I only gained one pound after last night’s mac n cheese binge (plus macadamia nuts and a cookie). I wonder how low my weight would have gone had I stuck to my diet last night. Oh well. Whatever.

New day.

I didn’t binge last night, but my dinner was a kind of mini binge itself.

Still feeling sh*tty today, so I decided not to fight it and just chow down on chili and canned tamales (some of my favorite “comfort foods”). With all that sodium and calories, I expect my weight to go up a pound or two for tomorrow’s weigh in.



My stats for WEEK 4…

  • Last week’s weight: 320 lbs
  • Current weight: 319 lbs
  • Weight lost this week: -1 lb
  • Total steps this week: 15,442
  • Daily average for this week: 2,206 steps/day


  • Original starting weight: 324 lbs
  • Total weight lost in this challenge: -5 lbs
  • Total steps for this challenge: 107,099
  • Daily average for this challenge: 3,060 steps/day

Okay guys, that wraps up Week 5 – just one last week to go!

I only stuck to my one diet rule a handful of times over these last five weeks, so it’s no surprise that I’ve only lost five pounds in these last five weeks. Those late-night snacks and binge sessions really set me back.

Now I’d have to lose 20 lbs in the next 7 days in order to lose 25 lbs total (my initial goal). That’s not happening, obviously.

But I’m still actually very happy with my 5-lb weight loss. If I can hold onto that and maybe even lose another pound or two next week, I’d still be happy with that.

Any progress is good. And considering that I gained 27 lbs since February, I’m just glad to be reversing that upward trend.

Anyway, let’s see how it goes in this final week of my 6-week weight loss challenge.

See you next Friday (New Year’s Day)!

REMINDER: My friend Michael is also doing a 6-week weight loss challenge. You can check out his progress this week on his blog at CrossingColorado.com.

6-Week Weight Loss Challenge 2020 – MY RESULTS

Intro: 324 lbs

Week 1: 327 lbs (+3 lbs)

Week 2: 321 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 3: 326 lbs (+5 lbs)

Week 4: 320 lbs (-6 lbs)

Week 5: 319 lbs (-1 lb)

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  1. Good job Chris. The bodily pain-tenderness will definitely arise and go away, from time to time, as you ease deeper into your workout regimen. You are doing great. Experience these slow and steady returns for long term, big-time, changes.