Daily Habits Blog 4

Daily Habits Blog 4

I am simultaneously building 43 new daily habits and 5 new daily routines in 2021, and I’m blogging about it every week as I go.

The 43 habits are divided up into five daily routines, spread throughout the day.

I track my habits and record my scores like it’s a video game – 1 point per habit.

Here are my results for Week 4.

dailyhabits graph: week 4

Daily Scores for Week 4 (Feb 8 – Feb 14)*

I had some bad days this week, but I also had some really good days – and I finally broke into the 20’s!

  • MON – 4
  • TUE – 21
  • WED – 20
  • THU – 18
  • FRI – 6
  • SAT – 5
  • SUN – 17

*out of 43 habits possible per day

Weekly Scores for Week 4**

As I was going through my habit tracking app yesterday and tallying up my scores for all my habits throughout the week, I noticed that I didn’t have any zeroes until I hit my blogging/work routine.

Going back to previous weeks, I’ve had zeroes for several habits in each of my five daily routines every week.

Until now.

This week, all my zeroes were in my blogging routine, except for one (clearing my desk at the end of the night, which I’ve previously been doing once or twice a week).

So that felt good to see.

When I first started tracking this stuff, I was embarrassed by my hygiene habits in the morning and evening. But I’m seeing improvement there. Where I was mostly only brushing at night, I’m now brushing pretty evenly in the morning and at night. And I’m flossing and doing mouthwash both in the morning and evening too.

I’ve literally flossed my teeth more times in the past month than I’ve done the rest of my life combined.


Good, but gross. 😉

Anyway, I also made a little progress in cleaning up around the house and in my self-help routine.

And after experiencing some back and shoulder pain this past week, I decided to focus a little more on doing a little exercise every day.

I’m still working on the “every day” part, but the numbers show that I’ve made progress this week.

Take a look.

**These are weekly totals, so each habit score is out of 7 possible days/points for the week.

530-600 Early Morning Routine – 26 pts

  1. TAGR 6 steps AM – 2
  2. Weigh in – 7
  3. Brush AM – 4
  4. Floss AM – 4
  5. Mouthwash AM – 4
  6. Shave – 1
  7. Cologne – 4

600-630 Home Care Routine – 18 pts

  1. Vacuum – 1
  2. Feed cat – 5
  3. Kitchen floor – 1
  4. Litterbox – 3
  5. Trash – 5
  6. 60-second cleanup – 3

630-100 Self Help Routine – 19 pts

  1. B: Cereal + fruit – 4
  2. Dishes (breakfast) – 2
  3. Read – 1
  4. Goals – 2
  5. Affirmations 100x – 1
  6. Cardio – 2
  7. Strength training – 2
  8. Stretch – 1
  9. Meditate – 2
  10. L: Veggie sandwich and/or salad – 1
  11. Dishes (lunch) – 1

100-900 Blogging Routine – 6 pts

  1. Blog post – 2
  2. Guest post – 0
  3. Hubpages article – 0
  4. Podcast – 0
  5. Vlog – 0
  6. Cartooning video – 0
  7. Blog art – 2
  8. SM content – 0
  9. D: 1 can food + rice/pasta/bread – 1
  10. Dishes (dinner) – 1

900-930 Night Routine – 22 pts

  1. TAGR 6 steps PM – 1
  2. Shower – 4
  3. Ears – 3
  4. Brush PM – 3
  5. Floss PM – 3
  6. Mouthwash PM – 3
  7. Deodorant – 4
  8. To do list for tomorrow – 1
  9. Clear desk – 0


Okay guys, this was a REALLY GOOD WEEK!

Not that I put up HUGE numbers or anything (I didn’t), but I made some good progress.

As mentioned above, I’m making steady progress and at least dabbling in all my habits in almost all my routines at least one day a week. That’s why there were so few zeroes across the board.

I’m still struggling with my work/blogging routine, but everything else is coming along nicely.

Overall, I completed nearly double the number of habits/tasks this week compared to last week.

Plus, I set a new daily high score (21 habits/points in a day).

And I set a new weekly high score (94 habits/points).

I also decided to track my high scores for each of the routines each week (below). And I set new high scores this week for several of them.

As for my Top 10 Daily Habits, I still have a lot of ties. But that’s because we’re still just starting out. As the weeks go by, some habits will continue to pull ahead as others drop out of the Top 10 list.

As expected, weighing myself every morning is the ONLY daily habit that I have locked in at this point. That’s because I’ve worked on building that habit over the past three years, tracking my daily weigh-in using my Apple Health app in my phone.

Feeding the cat and taking out the trash are my next closest habits, as I do those things several times per week. But everything else is far behind.

That’s okay.

This blog series isn’t about showing off how awesome I am at doing all these habits every day. It’s about how sucky I am lol – and about how I’m working to improve myself every day.

2021 Habit Blog Stats

  • Top Daily Score: 21
  • Top Weekly Score: 91
  • Perfect Days: 0
  • Top Early Morning Routine Weekly Score: 26
  • Top Home Care Routine Weekly Score: 18
  • Top Self-Help Routine Weekly Score: 19
  • Top Blogging Routine Weekly Score: 11
  • Top Night Routine Weekly Score: 22

My Top 10 Habits in 2021

  1. Weigh in – 27
  2. TIE: Feed cat/Trash – 19
  3. Shower PM – 15
  4. Cologne – 13
  5. TIE: Lunch/Ears/Brush PM – 12
  6. TIE: Mouthwash PM/Deodorant – 11
  7. TIE: Brush AM/Floss AM – 10
  8. TIE: Breakfast/Blog/Blog art/Dinner/Floss PM – 9
  9. TIE: Mouthwash AM/Litterbox – 8
  10. Strength training – 7

Weekly Scores in 2021

  • Week 1 – 55 pts
  • Week 2 – 79
  • Week 3 – 54
  • Week 4 – 94

Okay everyone.

That pretty much wraps it up for this week’s daily habits blog post.

How are you doing with your daily habits and daily routines?

Are you trying to make any changes this year?

If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.

Have a great week, and I’ll talk to you again at the next update.


Oh, I almost forgot.

I also added in a new habit to my Home Care Routine: 60-second cleanup.

This is just a quick, random house-cleaning or organizing activity. It can be something different every day. Doesn’t matter what it is. The idea is just to get in the habit of taking a few seconds and tidying up whenever I see something that needs it.

I did it three days this week.

One time, I cleaned the inside of the microwave. Another time I restocked the toilet paper in the bathroom cabinet. I don’t remember what the third one was, but you get the idea. It can be just about anything, big or small.

So that boosted my scores a little. But even without that new habit, I still would have hit several new high scores anyway.


2 Comments on “Daily Habits Blog 4

  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks so much for the flossing nudge dude. I became disciplined about 4 months ago but fell off of the flossing wagon big-time. Brushing multiple times daily has been a go but now I need to floss and begin rinsing with oregano oil / water again, to keep my mouth fresh.