Ending 2021 With a Fizzle

Well, shoot.

Last week did not go well. It was even worse than the previous week.

Monday night I came down with a bad case of stomach flu*. I spent most of the week with diarrhea, nausea, massive headaches, body aches, dehydration and fever.

I spent a few days in bed.

And then I spent a few days just lazing around the house, sleeping in and not really doing anything.

I lost 16 lbs in 4 days, but not in a good way. I ate nothing on Tuesday and barely ate anything Wednesday and Thursday. Then I felt good enough to get together with the kids for a few hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but that was about it.

So out of my five goals for the week…

  1. Go for a walk at least once
  2. Try the new “Plant Power” fast food place again
  3. Meal prep for the week
  4. Write 2,600 words for the week
  5. Record and upload one podcast

…I accomplished ZERO. 0/5.

I pretty much did nothing all week long except get sick and then recover from getting sick.

*FUN FACTOID: did you know that “stomach flu” is not the flu at all? It’s not caused by any strain of influenza virus but is caused by another virus or bacteria that enters the stomach through contaminated/spoiled food or by being in close contact with an infected person (e.g. shaking hands with someone who didn’t wash up after using the toilet). They just call it “stomach flu” because it affects the digestive system and symptoms are similar to the flu.

Last Work Week (M-F) of 2021

So now we’ve only got five more days left in the year.

I am feeling pretty much fully recovered now, so hopefully I can make something happen this final week of the year. Although, today (Monday) is already gone, and I didn’t get anything done. We did some errands, and that’s about it.

So we’ll see how it goes for the rest of the week.

Anyway, I hope you have a good last few days of 2021. I hope to accomplish a little something, even if it’s just writing an article on Textbroker or going for a walk. Anything is better than nothing, and everything counts.

Talk to you again next year.

– Chris