It’s Working…

It’s Working…

Hey guys, so it’s 11:10 at night right now, on a chilly Friday night in November. I actually went to bed early tonight because I’ve been staying up til 1…2…3 in the morning and beyond all week.

So after sleeping about an hour, I got up and went to the bathroom like I always do at night because I’m a basically a Boomer now. And I had my phone in my hand without even thinking about it (interesting topic for another day, perhaps).

Okay, stay with me here, guys…I’m getting to the good part.

So while sitting on the pot, I re-listened to a podcast from one of my favorite bloggers, and he talked about how he appears “lucky” to be this pro blogger.

But his “luckiness” really stems from the fact that he’s put in 10,000+ hours as a blogger over the years to get to this point. And many of those hours were in the middle of the night when all he wanted to do was slide into bed after a long day.

Anyway, so that got me motivated to lean into the fatigue and come sit back down at my desk to blog.

So I grabbed my cup of coffee off my desk – the one that was sitting there for the last three hours – and warmed it up again in the microwave.

Okay, Here’s the Good Part (Finally)

As soon as I hit the COOK button to reheat my coffee, I noticed the sink was half full of dirty dishes. So I turned on the faucet, grabbed the sponge, squirted on some dish soap and picked up a bowl to wash.

60 seconds later, I also washed the saucepan that was next to it.

Then the microwave went off.

I grabbed my coffee.

And I came and sat back down here at my desk.

What Just Happened?

So stay with me here.

Think for a second.

What just happened right there?

That wasn’t normal.

Not for me…maybe not for most of you either.

Who washes just one or two dishes at 11:00 at night while there’s only 90 seconds (just enough time to reheat my coffee) and then goes back to work at their desk?

Remember a post or two back, how I said that you need to break the rules sometimes in order to move forward into personal growth?

Well, I’m pretty sure I just broke a rule right there.

Maybe not a commonly spoken rule, like “finish your food…clean your plate…don’t waste food”.

But maybe an unspoken rule, like “Don’t waste water just to wash one or two dishes…you have to wash all the dishes…don’t leave a mess for someone else to clean up after you.”


If I had followed THOSE rules, I wouldn’t have bothered to wash any dishes at all while my coffee was reheating because I WASN’T IN THE MOOD to wash dishes. I wasn’t even thinking about doing chores or anything.

And that’s actually the BEST PART about this little story.

I didn’t even think about it.

I didn’t have that internal dialogue where I ask myself if I feel like washing dishes at 11:00 at night while my coffee is warming up in the microwave.

I just did it.


On auto pilot.

No hesitation.

COMIC: "It's working! IT'S WORKING!!!"

This Is How Habits Work

Over the last year…no, maybe two years…I’ve been trying to develop new habits. Basic things that I want to do every day, that I SHOULD do every day. Things like:

  • Wash the dishes
  • Scoop the cat’s litterbox
  • Take out the trash
  • Run the vacuum

In fact, those four little habits are a habit chain that I’ve specifically been working on for the past year.

I still don’t have it locked in as a daily habit, but here and there I notice myself just doing those things without too much hesitation or resistance. Sometimes I’ll do them most days of the week for weeks at a time before I get derailed.

Anyway, my point is that I’ve tended to avoid doing stuff like that and had to really push myself to do chores all my life. But lately, it’s getting noticeably easier. Sometimes I catch myself doing it with zero internal dialogue, like I did tonight.

No resistance.

I just do it without thinking and without hesitation.

So maybe all this personal development crap…all this habit change and mental programming stuff that you might hear me talking about on my blog and vlog sometimes…

Maybe it’s working =)