New Goals Require New Rules for Success

New Goals Require New Rules for Success

I only recently began to think about creating rules as an intentional part of the process of goal setting. I never heard anyone talk about this, but once I started doing it, it just seemed so obvious.

Once you set a new goal and come up with a plan and daily actions/habits to achieve it, think up several rules that you will use to help you stick to the plan.

It would also be helpful to consider rules you already have programmed into your mind that are actually counter-productive and therefore need to be uninstalled/deleted/broken.

How to Set Rules for Personal Growth

So once you’ve got your goal broken down into subgoals, plans, actions and habits, you should then think of some rules to support that goal.

Here are a few ideas to help you come up with rules that support your goals:

  • Try rewording the goal itself and turn it into a rule
  • Try rewording your subgoals, action steps and habits into rules
  • Think of situations where rules can help you make decisions and stay on track


  • Rules are powerful because they eliminate the need to make decisions 100 times a day.
  • Rules keep you on track.
  • Rules do your thinking for you and preserve your limited stores of mental energy.
  • Rules bulldoze right over your inner dialogue that tries to talk you out of doing what you need to do.

COMIC: create new rules that support your goals

So create rules that will support your good habits and that support your goals – and then follow those new rules religiously.

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