New Morning Routine – Day 4 – Continuing to Make Progress

Okay, guys.

Not gonna lie.

I weenied out on my cold shower this morning.

Stood there for about five seconds, looking at myself in the bathroom mirror – and wimped out.

But here’s all the other good stuff I have to report today…

Today’s Progress

  1. Woke up at 4:00AM sharp and practically jumped out of bed
  2. Used bathroom
  3. Brushed teeth
  4. Weighed in
  5. Drank water
  6. Worked out at gym
  7. Walked for 30 minutes on treadmill
  8. Stretched
  9. Did a 10 minute guided meditation for first time in years
  10. Enjoyed my breakfast (potato, curry, bread)
  11. Read a little in Think and Grow Rich

Modifying the Routine Again

So I got off to a really good start. Other than skipping the shower, the first two hours of my morning routine went off without a hitch. But then I got to the “noisy” part of my routine, and realized that it’s my wife’s day off and that I should let her sleep in.

As a result, I decided to skip the housecleaning part for now. I’m starting to wonder now if I will need to make different versions of this morning routine to accomodate my wife’s work schedule or if I can just make a single routine that will take everyone’s schedules into account. We’ll see.

Turns out I enjoyed my breakfast a little too much. After eating, I mostly just sat there quietly in my comfy desk chair for over half an hour, just daydreaming and scrolling through social media.

Finally, around 6:30AM, I decided to pack it up and head out to Burger King to write today’s blog post and enjoy my first cup of coffee. While writing here at BK, I also read some blog posts and left some comments. Then I touched base with a couple people on Twitter.

Good Enough for Today

So now it’s 8:03AM, the cutoff time for my morning routine. I expect to still do some of the other things on my list later today. But I’m not going to count them as part of my morning routine, since it’s past 8.

Counting (1) my blog post, (2) the blog comments and (3) the social media comments – that’s 14 items total on my morning routine checklist (out of 22 or so?) completed. That’s almost double the number I completed yesterday. So I am definitely continuing to make progress. If I continue at this rate, I just might get this entire routine locked in (or nearly so) by the end of the 30 days.

I am SO GLAD I decided yesterday to keep pushing through with my original 4-hour morning routine plan rather than taking it easy on myself. I guess there’s a time to take things slowly, and there’s a time to step on the gas.

Switching to Weekly Updates

As for the rest of this month, I expect to continue in much the same way that these first four days have gone. So I’ll take a break from doing daily updates.

I’ll keep making progress on my routine.

If I hit a snag here and there, I’ll just keep adapting and tweaking the routine to accomodate everyone’s schedules in our home. That way I hopefully won’t disturb them. After all, this is my morning routine – not theirs! 🙂

I might also add or delete an item or two as needed, to fit my needs and schedule.

So unless something really unusual comes up, I’ll probably just update weekly from now through the rest of this 30 day trial. Subscribe to the blog over in the sidebar (on laptops and desktops) or down below (on mobile devices) to get email updates of future blog posts.

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Up Next…

So for the next couple days or so, I’m going to share some reviews of ebooks I’ve been reading from one of the top bloggers in the world, Ryan Biddulph of Hopefully those of you who are aspiring bloggers and digital nomads – or who simply dream of traveling the world – will find these interesting.

Thanks for reading.

See ya tomorrow.

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