Starting a New Morning Routine

According to all the 19-year-old life coaches and meme accounts on Instagram and Youtube, waking up at 4:00am and having a consistent morning routine is straight magic. It pretty much GUARANTEES to turn you into a billionaire.

So I guess I’m in. I could use an extra billy right about now.

Since my son’s job is now giving him the super-early shift exclusively, I’m already getting up at 4:00am at least a couple times a week to drive him down there. So I guess now seems like a good time to just make it a daily habit – or at least to challenge myself to do it for 30 days in a row.

Waking Up Is the Hard Part

I’ve tried lots of times to get a daily morning routine going, but I always failed for various reasons.  I think the main reason I always failed was that I was just sleepy.

I’m only 44, but my body feels way older than it should. And it was just taking its toll on me to wake up so early every morning. I rarely made it more than a couple days before sleeping in again. And when you sleep in, you simply run out of time to squeeze in that new routine before heading off to work.

But here’s the thing…

I can’t really do much around the house at this early hour.

Our home is in a bit of disarray right now, and my son’s girlfriend is visiting from Florida, so I don’t really have any space to call my own (not that I ever did lol).

My wife and I are actually sleeping in the living room for the next couple weeks. It’s not a bad arrangement, but it will make it tricky for me since I have to be very quiet. There’s literally nowhere I can go in our home without waking people up, unless I just sit there in silence.

Well, maybe that might actually be an option for a part of my morning routine, but not for two hours straight.

So for these last couple days of October, I’m going to figure out what exactly my routine will be, and on Friday, November 1st I’ll officially start my 30-day morning routine challenge.

2 thoughts on “Starting a New Morning Routine

  1. I don’t know about waking up at 4, but my 6am routine has done wonders for me. Well, except lately, which is somewhat out of my control. But once you get into that groove, don’t let up. Make it a habit…

    You got this.

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