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You know how on Youtube and Instagram and all that, you’ve got all these personal development or SUCCESS guys who wake up at 4am and do like a THOUSAND productive things before most of us even roll out of bed?

And they vlog about it and show you how they transformed their whole life and became rich, skinny and awesome in like just 90 days?

I Am Not Those Guys

If you’re looking for a millionaire mentor guru guy, keep looking.

I’m just a middle-aged dude getting his sh*t together and blogging about it.

Like many people, I’ve tried a number of times to improve my daily habits by starting a new morning routine, a new night routine, a new exercise routine, a new writing routine, a new productivity routine – and several others.

I even blogged about it on this site a couple of times in 2019 and 2020 (I think I deleted those posts tho).

And I documented some attempts on Youtube the past couple years too (also deleted wokka wokka).

But like everything else I attempted over the past 20-30 years, these recent attempts also failed miserably, and I quit tracking my efforts after only a few days.

At the time, I concluded that I was overly ambitious, trying to start too many daily habits at one time. I just didn’t have the self-discipline to start all those habits at once, so OF COURSE I FAILED.

But I was only partially correct.

Now it’s time to try again.

And it’s time to try a DIFFERENT approach.




I’m Going to Build 40 Habits Simultaneously in 2021

BUT I’m approaching it with a DIFFERENT MINDSET: progress, not perfection.

You’ve heard me talk about this before on my blog and Youtube.

This shift from a binary, pass-fail mentality to a progressive mindset has been slowly taking hold in my life the past few years, and it’s gradually improving my results.

Sometimes the progress is so subtle and inconsistent, that it feels like nothing is happening.

But when I track my data (and don’t rage quit and delete it all), I can see that the process is working.

So it’s time to start tracking my habits again.

And it’s time to share my journey on my blog again.

And it’s also time to start vlogging on Youtube again. I’m gonna shoot for Feb 1st because…you knowit’s the first of the month AND it’s on a MONDAY (new vlogs always have to start on the first of the month or on a Monday sheesh).

It’s a sTrAiGhT uP ViDeO gAMe yALL

Each habit is worth one point.

So I’ll be tracking my scores just like it’s a video game.

I’ll track my high scores too and share the stats every week.

Below, I’ve laid out the 40 new habits that I’m going to be working on this year. I’ve also grouped them into smaller routines. That should help me space out my day too.

The times and sequences aren’t really set in stone.

They’re more like GUIDELINES, really.

But here’s the progress-not-perfection part…

Progress, Not Perfection

I am putting ZERO pressure on myself to do all of these habits every day.

There is no daily goal.

There is no weekly goal.

There is no pressure to beat my score every day or every week.

I’m just tracking it all right now.

And I’m just sharing my results every week.

That’s it.

And just like with the old arcade games I loved as a kid, the point is to have fun.

Sure, it’ll be cool if I beat my old high scores and maybe even get my initials up for the day. But there’s no pressure to perform and be better than anyone (even myself).

I’m just gonna play the game every day and see what happens.

But guess what’s gonna happen…

I’m going to have good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks. Yeah. Duh.


Just by tracking and sharing my progress every week on my blog, we’re going to see my scores gradually improve throughout the year.

(That’s an interesting topic for another time.)

I Can’t Believe I’m Sharing This

If you haven’t already scrolled down to take a peek, many of these goals are really, really basic. They’re stupid easy. And many of them are things that I SHOULD have already been doing every day like my Mommy and my Daddy and my Aunty Janet taught me.

But eh.

Sometimes I skip stuff.

Sue me.

And yes…I am talking personal hygiene and other grossness – at least for a few of the habits.

It’s embarrassing to lay this all out for the whole damn planet to see, but hey. This is real life. And maybe there’s one or two other stinky weirdos out there who will be interested in building these same habits right along with me.

Easy Habits and Difficult Habits

Some of these habits are simple and can be done in 60 seconds or less. Others are more complex and require more time, energy and skill.

Some of them may take an hour or more per day.

Now, some of these habits are things that I already do several times a week.

I might do them daily for stretches at a time, but then I might forget or just blow them off occasionally too.

There’s only one or two that I do pretty much every day at this point.

And most of them I almost never do, or maybe once a month, if that.

Some are even kind of intimidating. Like, I’ll need to learn how to do it and improve my skill at it.

But none of them have been done literally every single day for the past year or more.




That’s humiliating to admit. But ah well, gotta start somewhere. At least I have plenty of room to make some fast gains.

Anyway, let’s take a look at my 40 daily habits.

Since I’ve already started tracking these last week, I have my daily scores filled in for Week 1 below, with a breakdown of my weekly scores for each individual habit and sub-routine below that.

(NOTE: If there’s no score listed next to a habit…it’s a zero for the week.)

Daily Scores for Week 1 (Jan 18-24)*

  • MON – data accidentally deleted from app DOH! 😀
  • TUE – 9
  • WED – 4
  • THU – 9
  • FRI – 6
  • SAT – 11
  • SUN – 16

*out of 40 points possible per day

Weekly Scores for Week 1

530-600 Early Morning Routine – 11 pts

  1. TAGR 6 steps AM – 
  2. Weigh in – 6
  3. Brush – 1
  4. Floss – 1
  5. Mouthwash – 1
  6. Shave – 
  7. Cologne – 2

600-630 Home Care Routine – 12 pts

  1. Feed cat – 4
  2. Dishes – 1
  3. Kitchen floor – 
  4. Litterbox – 2
  5. Trash – 5

630-100 Self Help Routine – 8 pts

  1. Cereal + fruit – 1
  2. Read – 
  3. Goals – 
  4. Affirmations 100x – 
  5. Cardio – 
  6. Strength training – 3
  7. Stretch – 
  8. Meditate – 
  9. Veggie sandwich and/or salad – 4

100-900 Work Routine – 6 pts

  1. Blog post – 2
  2. Guest post – 
  3. Hubpages article – 
  4. Podcast – 
  5. Vlog – 
  6. Cartooning video – 
  7. Blog art – 2
  8. SM content – 
  9. 1 can food + rice/pasta/bread – 2

900-930 Night Routine – 18 pts

  1. TAGR 6 steps PM – 
  2. Vacuum – 
  3. Shower – 4
  4. Ears – 3
  5. Brush PM – 3
  6. Floss PM – 2
  7. Mouthwash PM – 4
  8. Deodorant – 2
  9. To do list for tomorrow – 
  10. Clear desk – 


Looking at some of these scores, I think it’s possible that I performed a habit here and there this week but forgot to record it in my app. I don’t think I missed many (if any), but it is possible.

I guess remembering to record every habit completed could be considered Habit #41 😉

2021 Habit Blog Stats

  • Top Daily Score: 15
  • Top Weekly Score: 55 (Week 1)
  • Perfect Days: 0

My Top 10 Habits in 2021

  1. Weigh-in – 6
  2. Trash – 4
  3. Feed cat – 4
  4. Veg sandwich/salad – 4
  5. Shower – 4
  6. Mouthwash PM – 4
  7. Strength training – 3
  8. Clean ears – 3
  9. Brush PM – 3
  10. (5 habits tied at 1 point each)

Weekly Scores in 2021

  • Week 1 – 55 pts

Okay, so that’s what I’m gonna be working on this year.

I’ll do a weekly blog update every Wednesday, if you want to follow along and see my progress.

ALSO: comment below if you have any questions or if the way I’m showing the data is confusing. I know it’s a lot of info to take in at one time, and maybe I can organize it better idk. Maybe I’ll start graphing stuff at some point too.

Continue to WEEK 2 of this daily habits blog series

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